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Welcome Little Brother – Lost and found half a century later

How a NZ clairvoyant helped me uncover a family secret and helped me find a half-brother I never knew I had.

MORE FM Mount Everest Challenge — Everest By The Sea

Apparently, climbing The Mount 38 times is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. Three years ago, Belinda Francis, the general manager at MediaWorks, had a conversation with a personal trainer who'd set her daughter the challenge of 'climbing Everest' to earn a reward.

Taaniko — Meet The Woman In The Mural

If you’ve driven down Totara Street recently, chances are you’ve seen it. A young Māori woman’s striking features, painted by famous Irish street artist Fin DAC, embellish a 7-metre-high wall in what has become one of The Mount’s most recognisable murals.

Jake Millar — Ask The Question

At 22 years old, JAKE MILLAR has interviewed some of the most influential business people on the planet: the president of General Motors, the co-founder of Tesla, the co-founder of WeWork, founders of billion-dollar startups, and the godfather of entrepreneurs everywhere, Sir Richard Branson.
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International Youth Silent Film Festival NZ winners

Eighteen-year- old Tauranga filmmaker Tina Jeong is the winner of this year’s International Youth Silent Film Festival (IYSFF) New Zealand Regional competition. Tonight was named...
Trustpower Photographic Exhibition

Entries now open for Trustpower Photographic Exhibition

Entries have now opened for the second year of the Trustpower Photographic Exhibition and organisers are expecting thousands of entries after the success of...