Sid Salek

Today, the 87-year-old Mount Maunganui local has smashed over 60 Masters Games and world records, survived crash-landing a glider in the middle of The Mount football field, competes in yearly half-ironman competitions, and holds the record for the most swims around the Mount (29, to be precise).

The Whakatāne Summer Arts Festival

From mid-December to Easter, there's so much going on in this lively town. Head down for the day, and let your body absorb the sunshine, and your mind absorb some beauty.

Ulrich Frerk – All Connected

Our innovative guest columnist, Ulrich Frerk, talks about the internet of things (IoT): a network for all electronic devices to 'talk' to each other.


Most of us learn early on that lurking down back alleys is something to be avoided, but this is one occasion when it will prove to be a journey of artful discovery.

One Spark

The Tauranga Spark Business Hub can give your business the edge it needs in a world of advanced technology and communications. We meet manager, Sue Dyke.

Pato Recover

Pato Alvarez looked good in pink, didn’t he? We ask the country’s biggest independent promoter about touring BRYAN ADAMS round New Zealand, and the...