Wednesday, October 23, 2019

the way we WORK

We work just a little bit differently, down here in the Bay of Plenty. At lunchtime, you’ll see suits stripping off at The Mount and climbing into wetsuits for a surf. We are a growing tech hub. We take our children to work, we care wildly about our community, and we love to come up with AMAZING ideas. We feature inspirational businesses who are doing things which change our world. And you wouldn’t believe some of the global businesses, lurking in plain site in the Bay.

Skin Centre: going the extra mile

Tauranga’s Skin Centre is a world-class dermatology institute, with a people-centric focus. The expertly qualified team never lose sight of what’s important: the patients...

Unfiltered Series: Rob Fyfe

Rob has led iconic businesses such as Air New Zealand and Icebreaker as CEO, and serves on the board of directors of Michael Hill and Air Canada. He talks innovation and leadership with Unfiltered co-founder and CEO, Jake Millar.

GoodWood: good waste solutions

We are back at the Hutchinson Group to visit the second enterprise under their umbrella: Goodwood.
Brent Ireland, Collab Digital, UNO Magazine

Brent Ireland: the digipreneur at Collab Digital

Are you one of the 2,000 people who’ve been to Brent Ireland's Collab Digital social media events?

Hayden Ricketts – Key Digital Trends For 2018

We ask Hayden From Digital Sciences about the key trends for 2018.

Bennetts Proactive – More Than Just Numbers

I was nervous on my drive out to interview Lance and Ange Ewens from Bennetts Proactive. I don’t know much about their profession which, frankly, most of us regard with some degree of bafflement.

Nick Mowbray – Zuru Toys

From Tokoroa boy to director of a half a billion dollar toy company. Nick Mowbray is interviewed by Jake Millar at Unfiltered Live, held in Auckland museum.

The Men’s Shed

We visit The Men’s Shed in Tauranga’s Historic Village, a real life Santa’s grotto with elves making toys for charities and children in need.

Chalium Poppy – Mount Maestro

Performing since he was four years old and all over the world, Chalium Poppy is arguably one of the most experienced classical musicians in the country ...

Lake Rotoiti – Cruise Control

“You don’t do this kind of thing to be a millionaire. We wanted to do it because it seemed like a great idea, and we chose the people we did it with because ...

Award Winning Wine You Can’t Buy

John and Jenny Smith gave Kate Radburnd, one of the country’s most acclaimed winemakers, a bottle of riesling from their private vineyard ...
Teen Entrepreneurs UNO Magazine

Teenage Entrepreneurs

Each of the teenagers featured in this article is self-employed, earns money using their own skills, manages their own income, and in some cases, earn more than many adults