Sunday, March 24, 2019

the way we WORK

We work just a little bit differently, down here in the Bay of Plenty. At lunchtime, you’ll see suits stripping off at The Mount and climbing into wetsuits for a surf. We are a growing tech hub. We take our children to work, we care wildly about our community, and we love to come up with AMAZING ideas. We feature inspirational businesses who are doing things which change our world. And you wouldn’t believe some of the global businesses, lurking in plain site in the Bay.

Teen Entrepreneurs UNO Magazine

Teenage Entrepreneurs

Each of the teenagers featured in this article is self-employed, earns money using their own skills, manages their own income, and in some cases, earn more than many adults

Peter Williams – King of New Zealand broadcasting

To stay in such a hotly contested industry for four decades, and be held in high regard by peers and the public, Peter Williams has weathered a few storms ...

The Real Glamour in the Real Vegas: Karl Wi Repa

Designer Kharl Wirepa has won award after award for his wildly glamorous couture. He met Trelise Cooper at 15. At the age of 23, Anna Wintour's gang have ...

Super Human: Craig Tuck

Craig is Phil Rudd’s counsel, a human rights lawyer, a specialist in international political PR, founder of NGO Slave Free Seas, a foreign legislation specialist and has ...