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Hayden Ricketts – Key Digital Trends For 2018

We ask Hayden From Digital Sciences about the key trends for 2018.
Trustpower Photographic Exhibition 2017

Trustpower Photographic Exhibition: Record Number Of Entries

Record number of entries for 2018 Trustpower Photographic Exhibition presents judges with an exciting challenge. When entries closed at midnight on Friday for the 2018...

LoveLoops – Everlasting

Keep your loved ones close to your heart with LoveLoops.

Bryan Adams rocked Tauranga!

Bryan Adams absolutely blew the ASB Stadium apart! What a way to start 2018. We spoke to the rock god before he arrived in Tauranga. UNO./...

The Ladies’ Long Charity Lunch 2017

The Ladies' Long Charity Lunch was run entirely by volunteers, raising over $100,000 for Te Aranui Youth Trust and Good Neighbour. Every delicious mouthful was made with RESCUED FOOD by Peter Blakeway and his team of students.

The Bentley Bentayga

When Ettore Bugatti described the 1924 Le-Mans-winning Bentley 3-litre as ‘the world's fastest lorry’, he was trying to insult its winning durability. If only he knew what was in store nearly a century later.

Taaniko – Meet The Woman In The Mural

If you’ve driven down Totara Street recently, chances are you’ve seen it. A young Māori woman’s striking features, painted by famous Irish street artist Fin DAC, embellish a 7-metre-high wall in what has become one of The Mount’s most recognisable murals.
UNO. Magazine IYSFF

International Youth Silent Film Festival NZ winners

Eighteen-year- old Tauranga filmmaker Tina Jeong is the winner of this year’s International Youth Silent Film Festival (IYSFF) New Zealand Regional competition. Tonight was named...

The Editor’s Diary: where have you been? 13th November 2018

RNZNS Te Mana So on Friday, this happened. We wanted to shoot a ship coming into the port. Phil Julian, manager of operations at the...
Trustpower Photographic Exhibition

Entries now open for Trustpower Photographic Exhibition

Entries have now opened for the second year of the Trustpower Photographic Exhibition and organisers are expecting thousands of entries after the success of...
Theresa Gattung SheEO Girl Boss #girlboss

The editor’s diary: Theresa Gattung talks SheEO

On Sunday I was incredibly lucky to have lunch with the head girl of girl bosses: Theresa Gattung. Theresa owned the corporate sector as CEO...