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Best Of The Bay Weekend (14-15 October)

Travel or plan your travels - that is what this weekend all about.

Bay Of Plenty Staycation

After her first visit across the ditch, Reyes Beard, a freelance brand manager from South Australia with an insatiable appetite for good company and great view, shares what's it actually like to be a TOURIST at the Bay.

Hot Hawke’s Bay

Heat, wine and Art Deco vibes. We compile the prefect itinerary for a Hawke's Bay holiday.

Summer in New York City

We send UNO.'s creative director, Emma, to New York City to see what goes on in summertime in the Big Apple...

Susan Harrison-Tustain takes us through Europe

Creating tailor-made holidays which combine spectacular European destinations with insights into the heart and soul of the local culture has proven a forte for artist Susan Harrison-Tustain and wine connoisseur/ photographer Richard Tustain.

Spring holiday activity: Rotorua Canopy Tours

What shall we do in the holidays? Bet you've said that a few times. Well here's the answer: Take your children to the Rotorua Canopy Tours.

5 Reasons to Visit Christchurch

A city in transition, Christchurch is shaping up to be a vibrant and dynamic city. It is best explored by foot (or by bike) and all of these attractions are within a reasonable walking distance.

The editor’s diary: where HAVE you been? 18-24 September

The highlight of this week has been taking Mat away on a date. I think it definitely ranks up there on the special date-ometer!

Mountain Biking In The Shadow Of Ruapehu

On a girls’ mountain biking break, Liz French and four friends tackled three very different mountain bike tracks in the central North Island.

5 Things To Do On Auckland’s West Coast

The west coast of Auckland stretches for miles and miles of unreal beauty. If you feel like a change from the blue sky and white sand of our east coast beaches, explore the untouched beauty of the wild west.

Living on a Boat in France – Lively Kiwis and Dead...

Mike Bodnar and his wife Liz left their jobs, sold their Wellington home, and abandoned friends and family to go and live on a boat in France. Their mascot for the trip became a dead fish.

Instagram of the week: @world_nate

The last time Nathan Buchan was spotted out and about at The Mount was back in summer. This local boy is now a full-time traveller.