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Nathan Pettigrew – A southern right whale in the Tauranga Harbour

It was a wintery July afternoon when I decided to get the kayak in the water for a quick session of exercise before the sun faded. Paddling out from PILOT BAY, I passed through the shipping channel....

Mike Rudd – Memories

I remember the facts - the sights - the smells - the sounds - the journeys - the accommodation - the meals - the schools. But I don’t remember how I felt.

Louis Donovan – Officially A Politician

I have just won an election. Yes, that officially makes me a politician. I was recently elected to be the next student representative on my school’s board of trustees.

Verity Johnson’s Holiday

I've never had a beach holiday. I’ve heard about them, I’ve read about them, I’ve dreamed about them, but I’ve never had the proper Kiwi, beach-and-bleached hair summer holiday where everything is covered in salt and sunscreen.

Nathan Pettigrew – Kayaking In The Marlborough Sounds

It was time for an adventure. My partner Karina, her mother (visiting from the States) and I packed every hatch of our two kayaks with sleeping bags, mats, tents, food, the whole shooting match, and headed to the South Island...

Andre Laurent – Total Perfectionist

My career started in the early nineties when, not having any real idea about what to do, I took a job as a chippy on a building site here in Tauranga.

Mike Rudd – Optimistic Future for the Millennials

Mike Rudd, RAF fighter jet pilot and Otahuhu College boy, puts aside his grumpy old man image, just for one day, to champion the Millennials.

Louis Donovan – We Are The Future

The year’s 2050, peak oil has occurred, Trump is serving his tenth term as the American Emperor and for me? Well, I have no idea.

Verity Johnson – Instagram Has Given Millennials a Bad Reputation

My generation is the selfie-stick. We are also known as the narcissist, slacktivist, consumerist vacuums where morals and culture go to die...

Nathan Pettigrew – Whales in Tonga

Many of us dream of seeing a whale’s tail break the surface. I have seen it lots and never get jaded by it

Steven Chambers – Architect

Coastal dwelling, a comfortable life on the edge.

Nathan Pettigrew – A Very Special Guest

This summer Nathan kayaked with bronze whalers, dolphins, rays and a very special guest.