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We love an opinion! Our columnists share their views with you. They are a funny bunch, but they all share one thing in common, and that’s sharing cool stuff with you.

Yolande King – Auctions

Columnist Yolande King from EVES Real Estate loves the transparency of auctions.

Yolande King – Selling Your Home?

Columnist Yolande King from EVES Real Estate continues her series of advice for homeowners.

Louis Donovan – Major FOMO

I overcommit. Either because i feel guilty for saying no or because I suffer major FOMO (fear of missing out).

Mike Rudd – Lessons I’ve learnt

As a columnist, ​I usually take​ ​comfortable refuge​ ​in​ ​the​ ​rosily self-edited​ ​highlights​ ​of​ ​my​ ​memory​ ​and​ ​experiences.​ ​This issue, the ed has gone hard cop and asked me to share some of my mistakes.​
Theresa Gattung SheEO Girl Boss #girlboss

The editor’s diary: Theresa Gattung talks SheEO

On Sunday I was incredibly lucky to have lunch with the head girl of girl bosses: Theresa Gattung. Theresa owned the corporate sector as CEO...

Sam Mannering – If I Did It Again

I’m not going to go on about food in this column. I have to write about my biggest mistake. This is difficult for me.

Verity Johnson – Lessons Learnt

First rule of being a professional in media: no bleeding on things. Or biting, scratching, kicking, screaming or dribbling. No bodily fluids in general, really.

Hayden Ricketts – Who Needs A Digital Agency?

Our technical expert, Hayden Ricketts, from Digital Sciences, demystifies the digital agency.

Nathan Pettigrew – A Day At McLaren Falls

Our marine kayaker takes his paddles a few miles inland and explores the freshwater of McLaren Falls.

Recover: Anne Sharplin

We caught up with Anne Sharplin a year after appearing on our cover. I'm hoping she's had at least one night of unbroken sleep since then.

Verity Johnson – First Time in The Mount

Recently, I visited The Mount for the first time. I’d never been, unlike every other young person in New Zealand, who spent every new year there in an rtd-fuelled haze of happiness.

Yolande King – Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

SELLING YOUR HOME? Our newest UNO. columnist, Yolande King from EVES Real Estate shows you where to start.