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Andrea Ritchie: relationships

PHOTOS BRYDIE THOMPSON In the third instalment of our series, new residents and Bayleys real estate agents Andrea and Duncan Ritchie reflect on taking the...

Mike Rudd: equality

The four Tornado fighter-bombers roared past in perfect formation, the diamond shape of the group showing off the aggressive presence of the aircraft. They...

Jay Reeve: Meaty

He’s the first in generations not to be a farmer, but he’s still keen to teach his kids what it means to eat meat. l like to...

Cindy Powers Prosor: Turn It Around

One of the turning points in my life occurred when I was learning to powder ski through groves of trees. I loved the freedom...

SERIES: Andrea and Duncan Ritchie

This issue, we talk relationships – new ones and the ones you leave behind when you move – with Bayleys agents who could moonlight...

Mike Rudd: online dating entrepreneur

Mike Rudd was an online dating entrepreneur before digital entrepreneurs were even invented. Michael Absolum was my best mate back in Otahuhu College. He is...

Nathan Pettigrew

Poseidon of the Bay, Nathan Pettigrew, talks stingrays. Rain or shine. Winter or summer. There's always one creature I see while I'm out venturing in...
Cindy Powers Prosor

Cindy Powers Prosor: Celebrate More to Celebrate More

Cindy Powers Prosor explains how to get more of what you want.

Jay Reeve: Every Cover Star’s Best Friend

Have you featured on an UNO cover? Then chances are you’ve met Bay local Jay Reeve, UNO’s newest regular. I never imagined I would move away...
Andrea and Duncan Ritchie

SERIES: Andrea and Duncan Ritchie

For the next year, we’ll follow new Papamoa residents Andrea and Duncan Ritchie. We’ll find out how they’ve settled into Tauranga as Bayleys real estate agents, and how life measures up after Ponsonby.

Verity Johnson – What I’ve Learnt

This year, I learnt that humans know what they want.

Nathan Pettigrew – A Day Trip To Whangamata

Just over an hour’s drive from Tauranga, there’s a launch spot that makes me so excited about the prospect of a paddle. And the epic right-hand break, thrown up by the beach and swell, is a hit with local and international surfers alike. I’m talking, of course, about Whangamata.

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