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We love an opinion! Our columnists share their views with you. They are a funny bunch, but they all share one thing in common, and that’s sharing cool stuff with you.

Nathan Pettigrew: orcas

Our marine educator columnist spends a day with an orca and her calf off the Bay of Plenty coast.

Mike Rudd: Two blue

Our columnist reports from the deep blue sea. PHOTOS MIKE RUDD

Alisha Brady: Plan for your retirement

PHOTO SALINA GALVAN A financial personal trainer at enableMe, our guest columnist suggests...

Mike Rudd goes to Kawau Island

Our former jet pilot columnist slows right down on a trip to Kawau Island.

Ben Hurley: back to work

UNO’s new columnist might be a comedy big shot, but he’s not immune to that first-week-back-at-work feeling,...

Nathan Pettigrew: Mangō

Our marine educator columnist Nathan Pettigrew spends a day with sharks off the Bay of Plenty coast. WORDS +...

Alisha Brady: EnableMe

A financial personal trainer at EnableMe, our guest columnist says that when it comes to paying off...

Carly Stewart: The team

Team work’s making the dream work for our Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty columnist.

Mike Rudd: human rights

The former fighter pilot talks human rights and New Zealand’s hand in defining them. WORDS MIKE RUDD / PHOTO SUPPLIED On a recent walk across fields in Runnymede, near...

Nathan Pettigrew – Niue

Our marine man visits Niue, one of the few places in the world where you can swim with whales. WORDS / PHOTOS NATHAN PETTIGREW I’d heard...

Jay Reeve: good or bad work ethic?

Is working long and hard a good or a bad thing? Our man Jay gets his travel companions to sort out his dilemma. We recently...

Mike Rudd: how to focus

Our columnist uses ancient wisdom to win the war against losing focus. Have you ever started looking for something in the garage or a cupboard...

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