the way we LIVE

UNO knows about the way we live, here in the Bay of Plenty. Everything you need to know about creating a beautiful home is in here. Clever architecture and design, skilled builders, and the fun bit: making it look and feel like the best space in the world.

Angela Fleet – A Fresh Start

Many new residents in the Bay have undergone career changes in order to settle here. Angela Fleet and her husband, Nick, welcome us into their newly renovated bach on Tweed Street in The Mount to tell us about Angela’s NEW DIRECTION.

Boom Town

We talk to Shane McConnell of GJ Gardner Homes, Tauranga, about investing in new builds and how to get involved.

Financial Independence

When it comes to insurance, you want to make sure it’s done with the right people. Ben Ruthe and Steve Rogers are the right people.

Will Tatton – A Design For Life

We look through some of the ICONIC Mount houses designed by architectural designer Will Tatton, starting with his own.

Build7 – A Welcome Homecoming

Drawn together by a mutual love for property, Kristen and Greg Zaloumis encourage each other to follow their dreams, and the excitement about their new venture together is palpable.

Andre Laurent – Total Perfectionist

My career started in the early nineties when, not having any real idea about what to do, I took a job as a chippy on a building site here in Tauranga.

Luxe + Layered: Urban Coastal Living in Cape Town

This South African, urban, coastal holiday home is tucked into the craggy rocks of Bantry Bay, one of Cape Town's smartest suburbs.

Thorne Group – Designer Family

Having dinner with other couples who also work together, one of the wives told us about an article she’d read detailing the perils of family businesses.

Sandra and Matt Power – Power Station

Matt and Sandra show us through their home on Te Ngaio Road in the Mount with their three sons Jack (16), Oliver (13), Tommy (10) and fluffy puppy, Roxy.

Beth Millard – Rotorua Dynamo

Married with three children in her early twenties, BETH built her career the old-fashioned way, with grit and graft.

Steven Chambers – Architect

Coastal dwelling, a comfortable life on the edge.

A Legacy on Southbank

Southbank Townhouse in Cambridge is a successful collaboration between old friends, and the result a testament to that relationship ...