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The Seamen Ocean Swim Squad

UNO. regular, Ange Wallace, tells us about her swimming group, the Seamen Ocean Swim Squad (SOSS). They swim in the ocean every day, all year round. Yes, that includes those blowy winter days, when the rest of us look at the ocean and shiver, rather than get in.

How to kickstart your 2018 health and fitness goals this silly...

Summer is the perfect time to kickstart your 2018 health and fitness goals, but it’s also a time to enjoy yourself – so drink the wine, eat the chocolate and try to move your body every day.

Strip, swim and become a ‘Nude Dude’ for breast cancer

Tauranga is set to become home to an eccentric new fundraiser next year, with the inaugural ‘Nude Dude’ charity swim announced for 15 March 2018.

MORE FM Mount Everest Challenge – Everest By The Sea

Apparently, climbing The Mount 38 times is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. Three years ago, Belinda Francis, the general manager at MediaWorks, had a conversation with a personal trainer who'd set her daughter the challenge of 'climbing Everest' to earn a reward.

The Ride Of The Legends – A Ride To Remember

Roger Athy-Knibbs, physio and owner of Salveo Therapy in Tauranga, returns from the Ride of the Legends (ROTL) fundraising cycle tour and shares what went down on the road with the rugby boys.

The Dear Boobs Project

The Dear Boobs Project is racing ahead of me, the letters are flooding in, women are sharing and shedding tears, the support of individuals and organisations is flowing, the word is out.

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

Leanne Cashmore from Skin Centre tells us about the benefits of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the skin that has the...

Future Mount lifeguards are now supported by ACG Tauranga

ACG Tauranga school is sponsoring Mount Maunganui Lifeguard Service’s Nippers programme.

Nicki Sunderland – One Fine Day

Nicki Sunderland used to travel the country, interviewing some of the world’s biggest stars. She is now one of the most sought after marriage celebrants.

The Brave Move – Cindy Powers Prosor

The Californian came to us via Gisborne, bringing with her an unusual skill. Cindy helps people who, on the outside, look like they are nailing life, when in fact they are struggling inside.

Peter Burling – Something In The Water

The face of the world's greatest sailor is already etched into the national psyche, and that easy smile and cool, calm demeanour have become known around the world, but in person Peter Burling could not be more humble, more unassuming, or more relaxed.

Fresh Faced – Spring Makeup Tutorial

These products will freshen up your look as we head into spring! Smooth out your skin, layer this season's pastels, and show everyone YOUR spring has SPRUNG!