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Verity Johnson – Lessons Learnt

First rule of being a professional in media: no bleeding on things. Or biting, scratching, kicking, screaming or dribbling. No bodily fluids in general, really.

Verity Johnson – First Time in The Mount

Recently, I visited The Mount for the first time. I’d never been, unlike every other young person in New Zealand, who spent every new year there in an rtd-fuelled haze of happiness.

Verity Johnson

Because I meet a lot of people, the chance of meeting idiots is much higher. It makes it very easy to lose faith in humanity.

Verity Johnson’s Holiday

I've never had a beach holiday. I’ve heard about them, I’ve read about them, I’ve dreamed about them, but I’ve never had the proper Kiwi, beach-and-bleached hair summer holiday where everything is covered in salt and sunscreen.

Verity Johnson – Instagram Has Given Millennials a Bad Reputation

My generation is the selfie-stick. We are also known as the narcissist, slacktivist, consumerist vacuums where morals and culture go to die...

Verity Johnson: Traffic Jammer

Verity Johnson is a writer, sometime comedian, presenter on the Paul Henry Show and big hair enthusiast

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