Monday, November 18, 2019
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Terrace Kitchen – Rotorua’s New Flavour

Jo Romanes tells us about her new venture, TERRACE KITCHEN, on Tutanekai Street.

Elin and Jonas Tawharu – Surfing Siblings

Jenny Rudd meets two of the world’s top junior surfers, brother and sister, Elin (15) and Jonas (17) Tawharu. They have grown up surfing on their doorstep, here in The Mount.

Anne Sharplin – La Sage Femme

Anne Sharplin has attended the births of more than 2000 babies and is still going. That’s about 50 babies every year of her 35 year career.

Grace Hospital – Better Options For Women

There is never a fun time to think about surgery below your waist and above your knees. It’s daunting. However, with new innovations offering more choice, it may be less off-putting than you realise.

Surfemme – Surfing Mums

Surfemme was founded by good friends (and sisters-in-law) Naomi Williams and Tarina McKenzie about 11 years ago when their eldest children were toddlers. They both wanted to learn to surf...

Thorne Group – Designer Family

Having dinner with other couples who also work together, one of the wives told us about an article she’d read detailing the perils of family businesses.

Tash Meys and Kristina Webb – Self’ie Made Mavens

Tash Meys (22) and Kristina Webb (21) make a living out of the photo sharing app, Instagram. Their career didn’t exist until a few years ago. Between them, they now have about 2.7 million followers...

Sandra and Matt Power – Power Station

Matt and Sandra show us through their home on Te Ngaio Road in the Mount with their three sons Jack (16), Oliver (13), Tommy (10) and fluffy puppy, Roxy.

Chalium Poppy – Mount Maestro

Performing since he was four years old and all over the world, Chalium Poppy is arguably one of the most experienced classical musicians in the country ...

Stuart Laing: My Car

Stuart Laing took a rather spur-of-the-moment trip down to Taranaki with his father 16 years ago and came back with a mustang ...

Award Winning Wine You Can’t Buy

John and Jenny Smith gave Kate Radburnd, one of the country’s most acclaimed winemakers, a bottle of riesling from their private vineyard ...
Teen Entrepreneurs UNO Magazine

Teenage Entrepreneurs

Each of the teenagers featured in this article is self-employed, earns money using their own skills, manages their own income, and in some cases, earn more than many adults