Karen Worley of EVES

EVES’ Karen Worley tells us what type of real estate  agent you should choose to sell your property.


In a competitive housing market flooded with real estate agents, it can be difficult to sort the best from the rest. To give you the inside track, we asked expert Karen Worley, general manager at EVES Bay of Plenty, what kind of agent can get you the ultimate result. When it comes to making your choice and maximising your success, there’s more to consider than just fees and commission, she says, revealing her top five reasons to opt for an established professional.

1) Experience & know-how

A larger real estate company is likely to have a wider network of contacts who can help get you the best result, says Karen. Such companies also have a greater breadth of experience with which to manage the unexpected twists and turns of a home sale. 

“We have over 50 years of experience in the Bay of Plenty. Across our group, more than 100 people have been with the business for over a decade. That sort of experience is invaluable for a seller, and we rely on those salespeople not only for repeat business and referrals, but for the experience they bring to the table.”

“We have 50 years of experience in the Bay of Plenty. Across our group, more than 100 people have been with the business for over a decade”

2) Expertly trained staff

In a top firm, everyone strives to be ahead of the game. Younger agents receive the best possible education from both old hands passing on their knowledge and also via highly
skilled in-house trainers.

“A lot of mentoring is required for younger staff, so as an established group, the know-how of older staff is vital,” says Karen. “As soon as someone starts with us, they have the support of our whole team to help them get up to speed. Not one member of our EVES team loses sight of the privilege of selling a home.”

3) The best, not the first, buyers

Offers on some properties happen early in the marketing process, but skilled salespeople keep their finger on the pulse and ensure they give sellers the right advice, knowing the first offer isn’t necessarily the best offer. 

“Our experience tells us when a vendor needs to hold off, and when there’s likely to be a better buyer for their property,” says Karen. “Recently, we advised a seller to hold off and the results in the auction room were considerably better for them and their family.”

“We look at the profile of the vendor and their property to find out what’s right for them.”

4) Tailored sales

Accomplished agents know what kind of sales method works best for each property. In some cases, pricing a property might be the best option; in others, an auction could achieve the result you’re looking for. Top agents know the best time to use each method
of sale to achieve your desired outcome.

“They know which method works for each vendor and each property,” says Karen. “Auctions are a very popular and successful method of sale in varying market conditions, and at the moment, approximately 85 percent of auction sales are being concluded at various stages of the 90-day auction campaign. But that doesn’t mean they suit every seller. Some might not like the pressure that comes with the process, or might not want to freeze out conditional buyers. We look at the profile of the vendor and their property to find out what’s right for them and make recommendations to suit.”

EVES group marketing manager Gabriella Troutbeck.

5) Marketing Clout

The best in the real estate business have significant marketing power at their disposal and can reach a wider audience with their advertising. “An established agent will have a tailored marketing plan for each property and
be able to target the right audience,” says Karen. 

EVES group marketing manager Gabriella Troutbeck adds that experienced salespeople take the time to understand each property and
its key selling points. They also have access to exclusive deals and cheaper advertising rates through the buying power large agencies have.”

Quality companies have experts on board that help to maximise success. “EVES has a dedicated in-house marketing team committed to ensuring we do things better,” continues Gabriella. “Part of this is having the most effective tools available for marketing properties. Our salespeople know how to utilise these tools to market to the widest audience and generate more buyers. We’re passionate about digital, direct marketing, social media, print, branding and sponsorship, and ensure our marketing is continually innovating.”