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It’s time to change your wardrobe, so that means it’s also time to change your skin regime. UNO’s skin expert, Sue from Tranquillo Beauty Clinic, talks summer skin.


Keeping your skin in shape this summer is as easy as ABC: summer skin is screaming out for these three vitamins.

Vitamin A is for healthy, well-functioning skin – it promotes a healthy barrier and hydration. It’s known as the ‘skin normaliser’, helping to regulate the sloughing of skin cells, which reduces the build-up that can cause a rough texture.

Vitamin A helps support skin immunity and is extremely effective when it comes to healthy skin cell production, repairing damage and stimulating fibroblast to keep collagen and elastin firm. All these help with anti-aging, pigmentation and clearing problematic skin conditions. But these amazing benefits come with a caution: vitamin A needs to be built-up over time, and sun protection is paramount.

Vitamin B is an immunity booster, keeping your skin health in check. It is vital for helping control inflammatory conditions like rosacea, acne, eczema and dermatitis. It’s a must-have vitamin for healthy glowing skin.

And, finally, the famous Vitamin C. As far as your skin is concerned, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can neutralise free radicals, and is one of the main ingredients required for collagen production, skin hydration, and brightening your complexion. It also supports your skin’s natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin.

Clearly, this ABC vitamin trio has amazing benefits for skin – but the best is yet to come. All three of these vitamins have one thing in common: they are all tyrosinase inhibitors. What does this mean? Every skin produces melanin – it is how we tan. However, sun exposure can cause an overproduction of melanin, which is one of the primary causes of pigmentation. Tyrosinase plays a major part in this process so, if we slow this down, we will also slow the pigmentation process. Not only are these products correcting and repairing the skin, they are also protecting us from future damage.

Salina Galvan Photography

Top this off with a good layer of quality sunscreen and a mineral skincare makeup that protects your skin further without causing blockages and you have a winning combination.

It may seem like sometimes you are getting a hard sell from your therapist, but it’s for good reason: the correct home care is an investment in your skin and will guarantee faster and better results.

If you are after professional treatments to fast-track the results of your home care, it needs to start with your therapist knowing your skin. If we know the skin, and prep and protect the skin, we can treat it without compromise.

A good skin treatment starts with a thorough consultation. Bring a bag with all the supplements, medication and products you’re currently using as it will help your therapist find the gaps in ingredients your skin needs, and ensures they won’t double up on ingredients you’re already using. Some supplements and medications can clash with skin treatments, and in some instances can be the hidden reason for the concerns you are trying to correct, so it is crucial you are honest with your therapist about these.

A skin scanner is the best way to see through the different layers of the skin and get visual proof of what we see on the surface. Images from the scanner are the basis for a discussion about your skin concerns and what it will take to improve them. Once we have clarity, we decide on the plan that best suits your skin, budget and time frame. In addition to the scanner, we offer the option to have a skin DNA test, which lets us know exactly what your skin is predisposed to so we can protect it before the damage occurs.

The main thing we want all our clients to walk out the door with, is a plan and realistic expectations.