For twelve years, Monte Gelato has served the most delicious, handmade Italian gelato and premium sorbet to Mount locals and visitors from all corners of the world.


As you enter the bright and bold Monte Gelato store, you are greeted by undulating waves of colourful gelato and dairy free sorbet. From chocolate and hazelnut Ferrero Rocher to ripples of mixed berry coulis blended into freshly made frozen yoghurt, there are 60 crowd-pleasers on rotation. It’d going to be hard to choose. Will you go triple hokey pokey in a waffle cone, or pistachio in a cup made from a sustainable source?

Monte Gelato has been a Mount institution since it opened in 2008 attracting both international tourists and local patrons who savour the ultimate combo of phenomenal genuine gelato with one of the world’s best beaches directly across the road. It’s even a must-visit for many devoted cruise ship captains who return every summer.

“Some customers say our lemon sorbet is the best they’ve ever tasted,” says Lynette proudly. “And one devoted licorice fan calls ahead to request we have it in stock for his visit.” Whatever the flavour, everything is made right here using fresh milk and superior quality, imported Italian ingredients.

Monte Gelato also proudly supports a number of big community events. For the last six years, all proceeds from one flavour (up to $3500) go to the More FM Everest Challenge.