Leanne Cashmore knows the secret to achieving that elusive youthful glow – she’s been practising it for more than 20 years.


We first caught up with Leanne 18 months ago when she opened Cashmore Clinic, her boutique appearance medicine clinic, on Muricata Ave. The clinic soon outgrew its first home and Leanne has now moved the business into a beautiful villa on Dee Street, which she shares with two other skin experts.

“It’s really exciting – we’ve now got appearance medicine, holistic skin health and beautiful brows under the same roof,” says Leanne. “I’ve always wanted to turn a house into a clinic – it has a lovely homely feel to it. It’s central with heaps of parking, but we’re on a very private street, which our clients appreciate.”

Leanne’s had a busy few months, not only with client appointments, renovating the clinic, and monthly clinic days in Matamata, but also launching a new service.

“Our new teeth whitening machine is the latest blue light ultrasonic technology, so there’s no sensitivity. There are only five machines in New Zealand, and this is the first in Tauranga.

“There’s also been a boom in demand for injectables; botulinum toxin and fillers are becoming more mainstream, and not just with people over 30. There are more young people, either in their late teens or early twenties, who are taking preventative action or wanting their lips a bit fuller.”

Leanne, a registered nurse, says botulinum toxin is one of the most popular treatments globally because it works like magic, but the effects aren’t permanent (although many wish they were!).

“Botulinum toxin is totally safe,” she says. “It’s amazing at stopping lines in their tracks before they get a chance to etch themselves into the skin, but the amount we use in the cosmetic (as opposed to the medical) arena is tiny.”

Then there are fillers, which are not just for lips but cheeks, chin, jaw line, temple – you name it.

“Fillers smooth and lift the skin,” Leanne explains. “When we age, our skull shrinks and retracts, and our eye sockets become more hollow. Fillers reshape the face and put volume back where we lost it. Some people have thought about it for years before they get into the chair, so we take things slowly with baby steps. It’s so rewarding to see how amazing they feel after their treatment.

“This industry is all about trust, and there’s nothing I value more than my relationships. One of my clients is in her late eighties; she’s been coming to me ever since I went out on my own. Sarah and Constance share the same values, which is why working alongside them is so fantastic.”

Constance Santos is the face behind Epidermis & Sage. She’s a holistic skin therapist specialising in chronic skin conditions, the treatment of acne (including scar reduction), pigmentation reduction and skin rejuvenation. She’s also your go-to for spray tanning.  

“I saw a need to treat chronic inflammatory skin conditions from a holistic approach, one that requires more than just a cream or pill. I’d often see clients after they’d tried everything – either the treatment hadn’t worked, the skin condition came back with a vengeance, or it was worsened by misguided skincare recommendations. This is how my business came about and, today, my mission is to lift my clients’ spirits through powerful skin transformation.”

Constance says the new clinic offers a safe and nurturing environment to work one-on-one with clients.

“I’m big on transparency, so my clients always get realistic answers of what’s possible. By taking a holistic approach, I’m able to get to the root cause and deliver results as fast as possible.”

Sarah Cameron is a qualified beauty therapist and permanent makeup artist, offering microblading, lash lifts, facials, waxing and massage under her business, Cosmetique Ink.

“I like to enhance my clients’ natural beauty and inner glow, and I love transforming faces with brows. A good set of brows has the power to frame the face and make you look more youthful. If you’re a busy person who wants perfect makeup from the minute you get out of bed, microblading or ombré shadowing is for you.”

Brows are big business, and with something so prominent on your face, you want them looked after by the best. Sarah’s obsession with brows has seen her travel across New Zealand and Australia, meeting and training with experts in her field.

Sarah has built a loyal following on her Instagram page (cosmetiqueink_bysarah), and is becoming well known for her work on all ages of skin.

“A really well-shaped brow, done properly, can take ten years off you. Seriously, who doesn’t want that?”