UNO speaks with local beauty gurus from Caci about the best way to feel confident in your skin.


UNO: What makes the Caci experience different to other clinics?

TONI (CACI TAURANGA): Our team are here to help customers feel confident in their skin. We offer our expertise and knowledge at our free consultations, as well as ongoing advice for our regular customers.

Our membership options include a personalised plan of treatments with a choice of payment options – it’s like a gym membership but for your skin, injectables or laser hair removal treatments! Plus, customers on a membership receive reduced pricing on treatments, discounts on beauty therapy and skincare, and free treatment rewards.

UNO: How are Caci staff trained?

TONI: The Caci team are all trained and qualified registered nurses and beauty therapists. They also go through a training programme when they first join Caci, before seeing customers. And our team members are always upskilling through the Caci training academy.

ANGE (CACI MT MAUNGANUI AND CACI PAPAMOA): As owners, we also work alongside our team, coaching them when needed, and fostering a happy environment to work in. We are more like family than work colleagues.

UNO: Which product ranges do you use?

TONI: We use Murad and Skinsmiths skincare in our treatments, and also have these products available to purchase for use at home. The team can put together an at-home regime to perfectly complement your in-clinic treatments.

Murad is a clinical skincare brand with products designed to get you the best results. Skinsmiths was created by Caci to make skincare simple. It contains a blend of our experience and expertise, and includes everything you need to cleanse, treat, hydrate and protect your skin.

UNO: How am I going to feel when I walk into Caci?

ANGE: I was also a client of a Caci Clinic, so I know how you feel coming to see us for the first time. My team and I, at Caci Mt Maunganui and Caci Papamoa, have all had different issues with our skin over the years, so we know what you’re going through. We know the improvement we’ve had with our own skin and are passionate about seeing you achieve the same great results.

TONI: Being on a membership at Caci means you do not need to pay at the end of each of your treatments. You can enjoy your treatment knowing it’s all taken care of.

ANGE: As Toni said, our treatment plans are just like a gym membership – except you don’t need to sweat, just lie back and enjoy some time out!

UNO: What are cosmetic injectables and who performs these treatments?

TONI: We offer injectables for treating lines and wrinkles, as well as dermal fillers for adding volume and contouring. Our registered nurses who perform these treatments are highly trained and experienced. The team can recommend which injectables will treat your specific concerns – sometimes it might be a combination of treatments.

UNO: I’m curious about cosmetic injectables but nervous about looking noticeably different.

ANGE: We don’t want to change the way you look; we aim to soften, and help you look more rested. Injectables, if done well, shouldn’t be that noticeable. We’re often asked by our clients if we have tried anti-wrinkle injections and fillers and when we say, ‘Yes, of course,’ and explain what we’ve had done, they remark, ‘But you look normal!’ That means we have achieved what we set out to do – enhance and complement our natural features.

UNO: Give me your best skin tip for the party season?

Toni: We can’t pick just one! Always remove your makeup. Always wear SPF – and keep it topped up (our new Skinsmiths SPF Compact is perfect for this!). Keep your skin hydrated. Visit us at Caci for a microdermabrasion or sonophoresis infusion for fresh, glowing skin.

ANGE: And, above all, always wear a smile. Nothing is more beautiful than a warm, happy smiling face.