Macau’s upstairs lounge bar is Tauranga’s chic new waterside hotspot.


Imagine food, cocktails, service and ambience that are all stunning – and then a view to match.

All this is on offer at what’s a bit of a hidden gem in among the bustle of The Strand in Tauranga. While Macau is known and loved by multitudes, many are unaware that Macau’s upstairs lounge bar is open to the general public on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 4pm until late. With that comes the opportunity to enjoy all the great things this award-winning restaurant is known for – plus a harbour view.

Rochelle Cameron, co-owner along with her partner and parents, says the exotic lounge bar has a cool, lofty vibe. Equally as large as the downstairs area, it offers seating on the enclosed deck, and includes the booth seating so popular below in the restaurant.

Fancy a bite to eat with a drink? Macau Lounge could well be your next go-to – and go on to become an addiction! Tapas-style casual dining is the focus of Macau Lounge and it’s also proving a hit for pre-dinner or post-lunch drinks – and, yes, there’s a dessert menu for those keen to pop in post-movie or after a show.

It’s a perfect accompaniment to what Macau offers downstairs, Rochelle says.

“It works well with the restaurant. Diners can have a pre-dinner drink upstairs, while waiting for a table to become free, or simply because they wish to soak up the view and the ambiance. Or, if you’d like to eat your dessert in a quiet place, then the lounge is the answer,” she says.

The lounge has always been available for private hire. Catering for up to 130, it has a reputation as an excellent venue for the likes of weddings and significant birthday celebrations. While it still runs as a function centre, its use has been extended since November last year when Macau Lounge opened.

“We wanted to open it up to the general public so more could enjoy the view and atmosphere. So, we chose the more popular nights of Thursday, Friday and Saturday (unless a private function is booked),” Rochelle explains.

People coming for a taste of the Macau Lounge experience can rest assured the much-loved Asian fusion aspect to the menu applies upstairs too. Think small plates to share with something long and cool.

The delectable delights include tuna ceviche, Kashmir lamb hashcakes, cauliflower croquettes, Korean fried chicken, steamed vegetable gyoza and more. The dessert tempters are varied too: chilli chocolate bowl, Portuguese custard tarts and an Over the Moon cheeseboard. That’s but a taste of it.

Macau Lounge Bar – the perfect, picturesque place to catch up, relax with friends and treat the taste buds.