The simple act of standing instead of sitting while working is good for both mental and physical health. This Tauranga couple is making it easier to get on your feet with their business, Stand Desk.


Our bodies aren’t designed for sitting still, they are designed for movement,” says Conrad Cranfield. He and his partner, Mia Farr, both top six-foot tall, so know the discomfort of sitting all day at a computer and the associated effects on health.

The Bay of Plenty couple were aware of the benefits of stand-desks – a reduced risk of diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle, more calories burned and greater work productivity – but couldn’t find one that met their standards, so they made their own.

Wooden top: “Ours are all sustainably-made with bamboo certified by the FSC [Forest Stewardship Council],” says Mia. “We have a range of colours, and believe we’re the only stand-desk in New Zealand with wooden desktops.”

Motor: The desks are fitted with with the fastest, most powerful yet quiet motors on the market, which is important when you have an open-plan office with many people raising and lowering their desks more frequently.

Charger: An integrated, wireless charger is fitted within each desk. Just put your device on the charging area and it starts charging; no more messy cables or hunting for your charger.

Frame: All frames have a 150kg weight capacity and a 10-year warranty covering parts and components, so any issues can be quickly resolved. 

Assembly: Even for those not savvy with furniture assembly, Conrad and Mia have made it super-easy with a video on their website that helps you get your Stand Desk operational quickly and simply.