This Tauranga waterfront property was built by the creative building skills behind Astrolabe, Pap Tav and Post Bank.


Stuart Mitchell, co-owner of Mitchell Eades Building is a man of few words. But, boy, do he and Jarrod have vision and the skills to bring it to life. Like this home originally built for Paul Ryan. [Mandy Williams, artist and former UNO cover star, now lives here.] 

“Jarrod and I met Paul just after he’d bought the Astrolabe [Brew Bar] in the Mount in 2011,” Stuart says. “Paul likes his creatively ambitious ideas executed quickly, and to a high spec. People in hospo don’t like their doors closed for long.” 

They renovated Post Bank restaurant next door to look like an old weatherboard villa, complete with decorative colonial columns, installed a boat inside the Astrolabe and rebuilt the much-loved Pap Tav. Big projects. 

For this project, they removed a house on Pillan’s Point in Tauranga and started again. “The house build started with the kidney-shaped pool,” says Stuart. “Paul brings us his concepts, and we fine-tune them to bring everything to life.

A STO plaster system was used on the walls. “It gave a warm, light textured look, and this plaster is an excellent alternative to paint,” says Jarrod.

A favourite area is the dining room: it’s cantilevered out over the deck and the ceiling was lowered to create a cosy oasis that feels like it’s outside.

The raised ceiling space in the living room and the sunken floor underneath increase the volume of the room. The hardwood celings are mitred round and round, from one room to the next, to move your eyes throughout the home. 

Salina Galvan Photography

Stuart and Jarrod have built homes in South Africa, Spain, England as well as in Auckland, Queenstown and Tauranga. He says the build used all his and Jarrod’s carpentry skills dealing with traditional weatherboards all the way up to modern building materials. And because of its scale, it took a year to build. 

“This house was an exceptional project to work on,” says Jarrod. “The interior is busy and fun, but the exterior is clean and elegant. We added to the creativity as we built – like the headboard in the master suite; the built-in, velvet sofas in the sunken lounge; and the hidden light features between the kwila ceilings and plaster walls in the raised ceiling.” 

Another local creative, artist Mandy Williams has since made the home her own. What a home to live in; every way you turn, your eyes are given something to smile about.