At Ingham Mora Chartered Accountants, it’s about all that and then some.


Every year, the directors of Tauranga accountancy firm Ingham Mora get together for a photo. It’s not your usual annual boardroom shot, as you can see from this snap taken on the waterfront, but Ingham Mora is not your usual accountancy firm. 

“Accounting is about relationships and communication,” says managing director and chairperson Rhonda Wisbey. “There has to
be open and honest communication – and that’s what we love. We’re here to help families and encourage businesses to grow, and that means having a real understanding of everyone involved. The best bit is being a part of their success – that’s what rings our bells.”

FROM LEFT A beautiful Bay day for the annual photo with directors old and new (from left): Richard Dey, Grant Neagle, Rhonda Wisbey, Mathew Floyd, Tom Beswick, Andrew Walton, Karen Domett, Neil Fullerton and Mike Stewart.

As a director of one of Tauranga’s most established accountancy firms, Rhonda knows what she’s talking about. For more than 50 years, Ingham Mora have been helping the city’s businesses do better, and that’s seen them grow into the largest independent firm in the region. And they’re not stopping there – three new partners, Mathew Floyd, Tom Beswick and Grant Neagle, have recently
joined the team.

“We’re large, but we’re local,” says Rhonda. “Tauranga is a town of local businesses, and because we’re one ourselves, we really know the challenges. And being independent means we’re not tied to a national brand with a head office somewhere else – we’re locally focused and proud to be part of the community.”

Ingham Mora also have the ability to help their clients at speed. The company has been an early adopter of technology that has revolutionised the industry. “We can react much faster, which makes our job more exciting and rewarding, and makes for happy clients and happy staff – what’s not to like?” says Rhonda. 

Ingham Mora’s experience and inspiration has been helping many Bay businesses become success stories. But don’t take our word for it – read on to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth as we meet four companies who’ve benefited from Ingham Mora’s mentoring. 

Antipodes LED.


Clark Nemeth had been designing LED lighting solutions for commercial spaces since 2014, but it wasn’t until he switched to Ingham Mora in 2017 that the lights really came on for his company. “I love R&D, so selling was secondary to me,” says Clark. “I didn’t really have the right sales approach and I knew things had to change – and quickly.” 

Clark met with Ingham Mora director Neil Fullerton and his team. “Neil basically told me point blank that I needed to justify my R&D passion with better sales!” says Clark. “They worked out a plan of attack and helped us re-establish our business with a new bank, good training and, most importantly, a new attitude to business. They devised an approach that allowed us to access critical business funding and, knowing what the bank would be looking for, created a concise and persuasive document that even the bank was impressed with. They helped us bring a better perspective back into our business so we were setting sail in the right direction, rather than fighting the wind every day.”



David and Julie Hayes see Ingham Mora as more than accountants. “Rhonda and her team have been with us from the beginning,” says Julie. “They’re a fully immersed financial and business- development partner for our business.” 

And what a business journey it’s been. The couple grow kiwifruit, and brought bees onto their land to pollinate the fruit. When the bees started producing more honey than they could handle, they set up a world-class honey business called BeeNZ. 

“From our kiwifruit orcharding days to establishing our apiaries to our honey processing and exporting, we’ve worked with the team at Ingham Mora and it’s been a hugely valuable partnership,” says Julie. “Rhonda’s a grower herself, which is great as she really understood the kiwifruit industry, and us, from the beginning.”

Height 4 Hire.


“I’ve been in business for many years and worked with other accountants,” says Sid Carter. “What I like about Ingham Mora is that they have the right systems in place so that things don’t slip through the cracks. They’ve also saved me money and increased my productivity like you wouldn’t believe. I reckon I’ve reduced my administration costs by up to 90 percent, thanks to [director] Karen Domett’s advice. I wouldn’t have known about any of the new systems available or how to integrate them into my business without Ingham Mora.”

In 2014, with the property boom in full swing, Sid saw that a change in health and safety regulations meant the market needed safer, better technology. He knew just how to fill it, and launched Height 4 Hire and Elevated Work Platforms with 14 machines. The demand was definitely there: the company now boasts 140 machines with a head office in Tauranga, two branches in Auckland and plans to expand across the North Island and to Fiji for good measure. Through regular communication and sound financial advice, Sid has been able to place more of his focus on this exciting growth.

Nova Midwifery Care.


Gillian Sims is always looking for ways to improve her maternity services. “Most midwives pay for professional rooms to run antenatal clinics in and it can be big money,” she says. “I just thought there must be another option, so instead of paying someone else, I decided to set up my clinic on my own property. That way I have lower overheads and can do it my way – and better.”

She turned to Ingham Mora to help her navigate the pros and cons. Knowing Gillian takes an innovative approach to her business meant they were able to guide her with some of the more complex financial implications of her choices. 

“I decided on a fully insulated, double-glazed, custom-refurbished container,” says Gillian. “I call it the Ecopod. The team always take the time to hear me out, and take a personal interest in what I’m doing. Their expertise has allowed me to concentrate on growing my business, as I’m confident I’m getting the best advice. They’re familiar with the decisions I’ve made to date and the innovative way I approach my business, so anything we do now maintains that continuity.”