Nothing gets past our Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty columnist. If there’s a problem, she’ll spot – and solve – it.


Carley Stewart, in Landmark Homes show home at Edgecumbe Rd, Tauranga.

It’s been a busy few months here at Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty. The team and I have been dreaming up some beautiful new designs and working hardfor our customers, and we’ve also been making some exciting changes to our business that are going to make things a lot easier. 

I’ve always found that with new builds there’s a settling-in period during which some little tweaks need doing – the kind of minor things that inevitably pop up when you’re moving in and getting everything sorted out.To make sure nothing gets missed, I’ve taken on a new role (in additionto my many others!) that involves looking after customers’ needs once they’ve moved in. I really enjoy this side of things – it feels good to make life easier for people.

Landmark is probably best known for our larger, high-spec homes, but another thing we do really well is trickier builds that pose a bit of a challenge. So many different things can make building a home harder, such as a small or sloping section, or an existing house on the property that needs to be removed. What I love about our design-and-build homes is that it’s all about being clever and flexible. 

I often say to people, “If you’re considering building a new home, you have to start thinking about the potential challenges straight away.” We can visit a section to scan the horizon to help our customers get their head around the potential difficulties and, believe me, it helps having some experience and expertise on board from the get-go. Being on site from the outset means we can work out how to achieve exactly what customers want, without blowing their budget down the track.

What I think many people forget is that a heck of a lot of work goes into the finer details. When we’re scoping out a site, we’re considering things like what happens when the sun streams in from the north but your gorgeous view is to the south – how do we capture the view and keep your home bathed in sunlight? That’s the sort of puzzle I love to solve. 

We’re currently working on a home in Tauranga’s CBD. It’s in a beautiful, prestigious location, but when we had a good look at it, we realised there were a few issues with the gradient of the site. Tackling this immediately means we’re going to get the earthwork done and dusted to avoid problems later on, while also figuring out how to capture the best view amid the surrounding properties. It’s all about tackling the challenges head-on – just the way I like it.

It seems Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty is getting a reputation for taking on this kind of tough stuff – and I really like that. Our know-how helps get people over the hurdles that come with planning a new home, and that’s very rewarding for me. I know building a home can be a daunting experience, so it’s comforting to have our expertise at your fingertips and know that when something tricky does come up, we’ll get in there and do what we do best.