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A financial personal trainer at enableMe, our guest columnist suggests one of the ways you can plan for your retirement.

Many people are so busy building careers and raising children that they don’t give much thought to their retirement, but by making a few tweaks to your finances now, without sacrificing your lifestyle, you can make a big difference. My clients currently invested in property are likely to have accumulated equity in the latest property cycle and have benefited from the power of leverage, but how do they take the next step? 

One reason we procrastinate on this is that investing in property for your retirement can be daunting – there seems to be so much to get your head around. The good news is, enableMe can not only help you get your retirement sorted, but also show you how to pay off your mortgage faster and grow your wealth along the way.

With a personalised plan to reduce frittering and by applying your new-found or improved surplus, you can gain confidence around making an investment now. Your targeted strategy may include a coaching programme, and referrals to specialised property finders and workshops run by enableMe founder Hannah McQueen. Hannah is one of New Zealand’s leading financial coaches, a chartered accountant, authorised financial advisor, author and investor. 

Hannah’s workshops are a supercharged way to ensure you make smart property investments. The sessions are tailoredto your individual financial situation and explain leverage, tax, borrowing, yields and ownership structures, and – crucially – determine your retirement shortfall and ability to top up a mortgage, so you know exactly where you stand. You’ll gain a better understanding of your investment capability and how much you can – and should – borrow, as well as a better idea of how much you should be spending on a property. A lot of properties are investment lemons, but a Buy Like A Pro workshop will show you where to buy, what to buy and what to avoid. And if you want extra support and guidance during the initial heavy lifting, we can coach you along the way and connect you with a selection of properties we’ve pre-assessed to meet our strict criteria. 

A Buy Like A Pro workshop will empower you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to be a successful property investor. At enableMe, we’ve helped more than 7000 people get mortgage-free fast, grow their wealth and get retirement ready, so let us help you start achieving your goals.