Team work’s making the dream work for our Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty columnist.


Since my husband Logan and I took over Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty, I’ve learned a lot about what people want from their builder. Back when I was working as a theatre nurse at Tauranga Hospital, we’d take a holistic approach, caring for patients in every way, right down to the minute details. At Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty, we take the same tack with our customers, and I can’t sleep unless I know they’re being well looked after.

We’ve been steadily building our team, which has seen me sleeping more and more soundly. One of our recent recruits is local legend Glenn Halls, our new-homes consultant. Glenn looks after not just sales but also the design and planning of every new home. He helps customers identify what home they truly want, whether it works on their section and every detail in between. He’s someone who truly loves his work, and his enthusiasm has really rubbed off on us.

It’s rare to find someone who can do what Glenn does, and he’s brought a new way of thinking to our business. He’s been designing for 16 years and knows everything there is to know about what makes a house a home. Absolutely dedicated to his craft and in a league of his own, he’s the sort of guy who stays up all night to get it right. If he wants to work on a concept for someone at 2am, he’ll get up and do it!

Some builders pass people around from sales to design, but Glenn wants to put something in front of our customers early in the process. This builds trust, and that’s the sort of business I want to run. Some companies struggle because they don’t have the know-how, but with Glenn, we’re lucky to have the best in the business. He ensures our customers visualise then achieve their dreams.

When you hire someone new, you hope that they’ll gel with the rest of your team, and that’s exactly what happened with Glenn – he fits right in and brings a personal touch to his work that complements what we do so well. It’s all about listening to what people want, being honest and offering a tailored service. Glenn’s a great listener and gets straight to the point – no mucking around.

Bringing Glenn on board has helped me get back to doing what I do best – looking after people. Since he joined us in January, I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with our clients, getting to know them better. Having been through the building process myself, I understand that your new home is your baby and you want to make sure someone’s there to answer every question. It can be an anxious time, so we aim to take those worries away, so we can all get a good night’s sleep.