The coolest way to freeze out fat.


Ever wondered why the fat on your waistline, hips or thighs remains a permanent fixture, despite all that exercise and healthy eating? The fact is, most of us have some stubborn fat cells that just won’t budge – but it’s not you, it’s them.

All fat cells aren’t created equal. Those on our stomach, hips and thighs have a higher density of alpha receptors – cells that are harder to shift. So although pounding the pavement and pumping weights might be sending the right messages to your cells via hormones that encourage them to release triglycerol, your fat receptors just aren’t answering the call.

Having said that, your quest to eliminate stubborn fat isn’t a lost cause – it just requires a cool approach. Freezing fat cells with FDA-cleared CoolSculpting technology not only destroys the cells, it gets rid of them for good. Forget needles and incisions – this non-invasive treatment gently sculpts from the outside in.

“Fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than surrounding tissues,” explains Adam Bialostocki, plastic and cosmetic surgeon at Da Vinci Clinic. “CoolSculpting delivers precisely controlled – and safer – cooling to fat cells beneath the skin. The cells are crystallised and die, then are naturally eliminated from your body over time.”

Da Vinci Clinic’s CoolSculpting CoolAdvantage applicators enable greater efficiency and ease of treatment, with reduced procedure time and increased comfort. “Using the CoolCurve – which targets larger areas on the abdomen – one freezing session may only take 45 minutes,” says Adam. “And returning to normal day-to-day activities following treatment isn’t an issue because it’s a non-surgical procedure with minimal side effects.”

Alongside fat destruction, at the fore of CoolSculpting Advantage technology is its design for specific areas of the body, such as the chin, upper arms, lower and upper abdomen and inner thighs. “Our most popular treatments are contouring of the waist and sides of the body, and sculpting the hips and bikini areas. We tailor everything to suit our clients, matching their body plan to the time available and budget. This is vital to success and long-term satisfaction.”

The results are in keeping with the body’s natural silhouette and form. Unlike liposuction, which can result in uneven bulges or even scarring, CoolSculpting yields results gradually. Depending on the treatment area and density of fat, changes can be seen within a few weeks or months.

“Some patients begin to see results in as little as three weeks, however many experience the most dramatic changes after two months,” says Adam. “The body will continue to flush out fat cells for up to four to six months post-treatment.”

Before you shelve your fat-loss dreams, it might be time to consider a long-term solution minus the pain. Enlisting the help of a cooling hand may just be the winning ticket.

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