This Bayleys real estate agent fills her life with the job she loves, good food, exercise, a new husband – and a very cute pooch.


Out of bed at 6.45. Off to the beach with the dog. Check emails. Coffee at 8. Zoom off to view properties… Mornings are full of action for Renaee Scott of Bayleys Mount Maunganui.

The Sydney-born real estate agent is always on the move. Whether matching buyers  with their perfect home, running, walking, swimming or boxing, this effervescent  woman is one of those people who never seems to sit still. With plenty of energy,  she’s the perfect fit for the fast-paced residential real estate game.

Clients love her easy-going, approachable nature. On her Facebook page, one customer calls her a “breath of fresh air”, another is “blown away by her energy”, and another  is amazed by the “tonne of statistics and information in her head”. The glowing reviews don’t stop there.

It’s 11.30am when UNO meets Renaee at Mount café Eddie and Elspeth after a few meetings. The region’s booming property market is a seven-days-a-week situation,  and Renaee’s one of the sharpest in town. Her employer calls her a “natural dynamo”, and she’s known for her ability to find buyers fast.

For the average human, it might be exhausting, but not for Renaee. A schedule that would wear most people out seems to give her a boost. She swapped the bright lights of Sydney for the Mount eight years ago with her then husband-to-be Jeremy Scott. Renaee was only supposed to be here for a couple of years, but loved it so much, she stuck around. After marrying earlier this year and honeymooning in Indonesia, she threw herself straight back into the mix, including changing her name from Smith to Scott.

Renaee hasn’t always been part of the property industry. She began her career in advertising for the Sydney Morning Herald and also studied nutrition. She’s still a bit of health guru and offers tips to her clients on social media (chia pudding with fruit and granola, anyone?). Smoothies from Vitality Organics keep her powered up during the day and she enjoys experimenting with healthy recipes in the evening.

“You need to eat well and sleep well, or in this job, you’ll burn out,” she says. “I also try to prioritise exercise each day, whether attempting to run up the Mount or attending a yoga or F45 class. At the moment, though, home renovations are taking up a lot of my time, which I’m really enjoying.”

Since she moved to the Mount, Renaee’s passion for property has burgeoned. Buying her own home with beautiful views of Pilot Bay was the catalyst that got her hooked. “I’d always had an interest in property, and we purchased through Bayleys. The agent we brought through was running around frantically and I loved it. This job is crazy, hectic, busy, and my brain works best in that kind of environment.”

Renaee’s recipe for the good life includes hard work and great company, including dog Sebastian.

Three years later, Renaee’s the one advising customers how to buy. She specialises in residential property: high-end locations at the Mount and further down the coast to Papamoa.Renaee’s love for her adopted home shines through. She beams as she takes in our sunny surroundings and says she appreciates how fortunate we are to call the Mount home. “I feel like it’s always going to be a place where people want to be. Where else could you have this lifestyle? On a daily basis, I just think we’re so lucky to be living our life here, in this cool community. People want to have their own slice of paradise at the Mount – and you can’t blame them.”

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