Kutz is a drone expert and says such footage adds extra layers to his videos, conveying scale and ambience.

These days, videos means business, so we asked Mana Media’s Tyrel Katu, aka Kutz, how to get the most out of your footage.


Bay of Plenty-based videographer Kutz knows what it takes to make it on screen – he’s shot videos for celebrities, big businesses, brides and everyone in between. “Video carries the most weight on social media but has become popular with businesses, as customers can connect quickly with the character of the company, their people and products,” he says. “It’s so much more stimulating than reading text or looking at static images.” Here are Kutz’s top five tips for best results.

On location with Barrett Homes.

1) Look sharp
My wedding clients have no problem with this, as they’ve all had their hair and makeup done, but it’s important for everyone to turn up to a video shoot looking well-groomed. Think about the look you’re trying to convey: corporate or relaxed? Having a pre production meeting will help you get these details sorted.

Todd Muller.

2) Be yourself
A crucial part of the pre-production process involves getting to know your videographer so you’ll both be more at ease during the shoot. I spent two weeks getting familiar with Tauranga MP Todd Muller and his family before filming his election campaign, which in turn resulted in a relaxed, genuine connection between Todd and his viewers.

Kutz shooting newlyweds Shannon and Gavyn Burns.

3) Light up
Consider what time of day you should book your shoot for; the morning and late afternoon are golden hours. Don’t underestimate the effect beautiful light and soft shadow will have in your video – it’ll create atmosphere and add visual layers.

Footage for Ballance Agri-Nutrients.

4) Plan ahead
Every second counts in a video, so I highly recommend having thorough conversations before the shoot so you can create a detailed schedule and make sure all the timings work, especially if you’re shooting in multiple locations. Discuss the script in advance, and consider having a dress rehearsal to give you the opportunity to have a run-through. This will also make you appear more relaxed on screen.

The Bay Hospitality Awards.

5) Have fun For the past couple of years, I’ve shot the promotional video for the Bay Hospitality Awards and filmed the finalists in their cafés, bars and restaurants, and it was clear that they all love what they do. If that passion and skill for your own craft shines through, the viewer can connect those positive feelings to your brand.

Kutz shooting newlyweds Shannon and Gavyn Burns.

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