Our new columnist from Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty picks up where his other half, Carly, left off last issue.


If my wife Carly is the heart of Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty, I guess that makes me the brains. Or maybe the brawn? Or the build?! The truth is, we both bring valuable skills to the table and make an amazing team, which shows in the results enjoyed by our many happy customers.

Building is in my blood. My father, Wallace, is a builder and managing director of Coastline Homes. Like me, he did a building apprenticeship when he left school. In my early 20s, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do long-term, but I committed to an apprenticeship through the Bay of Plenty polytech, and once I got into it, I really enjoyed it. It gave me the opportunity to meet others doing the same thing and join in some great group discussions about how they work.

I also learned a lot during my apprenticeship through working with my dad as a carpenter and alongside the eldest of my three brothers, Glenn, who’s also a builder. I loved putting things together and working with suppliers, contractors and clients. Towards the end of that six-year stint, I had the confidence to enter the Registered Master Builders Apprentice of the Year competition – and was proud to make the top 10.

After that, I wanted to experience other aspects of the building industry, so I got a job as sales representative and then sales manager at Tauranga’s NZWindows, where I loved dealing with builders and meeting their expectations. For me, it was less about windows and more about helping people. As a supplier, I discovered what goes on behind the scenes and how important good communication is. I also had lots of opportunities to pursue additional study.

My next role was as a sales consultant for a building company, where I further developed my knowledge of contracts and processes. I also began to truly understand people and how their uniqueness plays a big part in delivering an end product they’re pleased with.

Getting closer every day to my goal of owning my own business, a construction management role at another Tauranga building company came next, and then…

They say you should be careful what you wish for because you just might get it! Carly and I had turned our focus to owning a franchise, when one day out of the blue we got a call from Paul Clarke, CEO of Landmark Homes. After meeting with Paul and his wife Debbie, we were so excited when they offered us the chance to buy Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty.

Landmark Homes has fantastic systems and an incredible team of franchisees around the country. We’re known for our high-quality homes and as Registered Master Builders, that’s what we deliver on every single one of our builds.

Working to ensure a great client experience and team culture is our highest priority – and something Carly and I absolutely love. We’re a smaller outfit, so she and I are directly involved throughout the process, making it a more personal experience. The bottom line is that anyone can build a home – but we build landmarks.