Sarah Cameron

Sarah Cameron is the person you want doing your brows. She looks like she’s just stepped off a Californian beach, all glossy hair, bronzed and healthy looking. We chat to Sarah at Cosmetique Ink, in her salon on Oceanbeach Rd, Mount Maunganui about keeping brows beautiful in the bay.

UNO: Eyebrows are front and centre in the beauty world. Why is a well groomed brow such an important accessory?
Sarah: As we all know, eyebrows frame your face. A really well shaped brow, done properly, can make you look ten years younger. Seriously, girls. Who doesn’t want that?
UNO: What treatments do you offer for brows?
microblading creates a soft and natural brow

Sarah: One of my most popular treatments is microblading, also known as feathering. A series of tiny needles on a hand-held instrument makes ultra fine strokes along your natural hair line, to create the very real illusion of brows. The pigment is gently placed into the sweet spot under your skin, which lasts between 12 and 18 months. The effect can range from barely there and extremely subtle, all the way up to a strong and bold look.

microblading is perfect for a natural look
I also do ombré brows. This technique uses a specialised machine which gives you a made-up look with a more defined brow. The ink gives a shaded look under the natural hair line. If you have very oily or porous skin, this is a great option.
ombré brows give a strong, bold brow
A combination of these two techniques gives each client their desired look.
A mixture of ombré and micro blading by Cosmetique Ink
Every person is different, and I spend quite some time before the treatment planning the look with you. As with so many things, preparation and careful thought are a very important part of getting your look absolutely right.
UNO: Does it hurt?
Sarah’s salon on Oceanbeach Rd, Mt Maunganui

Sarah: I use a topical anaesthetic to keep you comfortable during the treatment which I monitor and can top up as and when you need it.

UNO: How long does it take?
mapping is careful and precise
Sarah: The whole session takes between two and three hours. A lot of the time is spent mapping out the area to treat. That way, you know exactly how it’s going to look before we start. I have quite a few clever tools to map out the area including digital calipers, medical marker pens, sticky rulers, eyebrow mapping thread which has ink soaked into it, and mirrors.
It’s also a two step process. After the initial treatment, I book you in for a 6 week perfection session. I can adjust colour, look at the shape and make sure that everything is uniform.
UNO: Does the ink last forever? 
Sarah: The skin naturally sheds dead skin cells and then a new skin cell is ‘born’ every 28-40 days. Every time this happens the ink will lighten slightly on your skin. Most of my clients tend to book an annual top up session to keep everything looking pristine and fresh.
Different skin types and ages mean that you retain the ink in different ways. I am very experienced at looking at and reading skin types and making sure your treatment is best suited to you. All the preparation with consultation and mapping ensures that by the time we are working on your brows, we have a clear idea of what’s needed and what the end result will look like.
If you’ve over plucked your brows in the past, or are older and the hairs have become really sparse, it can be a very pleasant surprise to suddenly have another feature on your face which adds proportion and symmetry. All my elderly clients say the same thing – it takes years off them, with an easily maintainable treatment.
UNO: What’s in the ink products that you use?
Sarah: I use a range of ink called PERMABLEND. The ingredients are a combination of powdered pigments, glycerin, witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol, aqua, rosin, and DMDM hydantoin. They are gamma-ray sterilised, vegan and cruelty-free.
UNO: My teenage daughter has started plucking her brows. What advice can you give her?
maintaining teen brows
Sarah: Make sure she doesn’t over pluck! I help lots of teenage brows stay intact so that they can remain beautiful and last through decades of changing fashions. I offer a $10 teen brow shape treatment, and I always spend the time with your daughter talking to her about how she can look after them. With two tweenage daughters of my own, this is a subject close to my heart!
UNO: What other treatments do you offer?
Sarah: Eyes are my thing! I do a gorgeous lash lift and tint, and I am passionate about the health benefits of massage. Take a look online for my full range of services.
UNO: Where is your clinic?
Sarah: It’s at 1/73 Oceanbeach Rd in Mt Maunganui.
UNO: How do I book?
Sarah: Give me a call 021 803 766 or drop me an email [email protected] and we can arrange a time to meet.
Check out Sarah’s Instagram page for more pics: cosmetiqueink_bysarah