Our insiders’ guide to cutting through the noise and getting noticed.


As promoters, Mitch Lowe (below left) and Pato Alvarez love to discover new bands and are hit up daily by aspiring artists. Here, they let DJs, singers, songwriters and producers in on a few secrets to pitching success.

M: Don’t take the easy route. Too often we get bombarded with the classic, ‘Bro, here’s my SoundCloud link, can you book us for a show?’ That’s the most convenient way for people, but it’s never the most effective. You haven’t given us a real reason to listen –you’ve just expected that we should.

M: Be respectful. It’s super easy to email a link, but you should aim to respect people’s time – that’s much more important than simply asking for something. If someone said, ‘Can I buy you lunch and talk to you about a project?’, I’d appreciate that approach much more.

P: Honour the old ways. We’re in an era when everything is digital, but nothing will ever beat the power of a face-to-face approach.

M: Recognise your strengths. For six months, Written By Wolves tried everything to get me to one of their shows. They knew their live show was their strength and that I’d be blown away. They got me to their see them eventually, through persistence. They could have sent me a million SoundCloud links, which would have been annoying, but instead they stayed focused on getting me to watch them live. They practised their asses off and had their performance down to a fine art. As a result, I now manage them.

P: Show up. Come along and show some support for our events. A lot of our staff started as friends we met at gigs, and now they’re artist liaisons and the guys we call on when we need a hand. Even if you start as a supporter, it’s easy to turn it into more than that.

M: Put your best foot forward. Perfect your pitch it so it’s undeniable. You can tell when someone’s spent time on their demo, and had it mixed and mastered by a sound engineer. We put those pitches higher up in the pile, because we know people have invested money in getting them to us.

P: Ask around. Get feedback from others. Only submit your pitch when you’re 100% happy with it.

P: Stick at it. Imagine how many people with potential were shut down too early and told they weren’t good enough. So many people just send us links to their social media pages and websites, then give up, but you need to keep going with the right attitude. Eventually, someone will listen. It is within your power.

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