Yes, we love the beach and the outdoors, but what about when it’s raining? Or your brain needs some exercise? Get yourself off to Escape Masters, Tauranga.


We were trapped in the Eyres Family Store and had to escape. Where to start?!

I need you to know how brilliant this is without letting on how you solve the clues! So here goes.

What it is: There are a series of rooms and you have to solve clues in the room to escape.

Who it’s good for: This is an excellent family activity. We took three of our children (aged 10 -12), but you could definitely take younger and older children. It would be a fun team building thing to do with work mates, too.


Everything’s a potential clue and needs thorough investigation.

Why it’s good: It’s not often you get to work as a team in your family. So it’s very bonding. And we also learnt lots about the prohibition era at the same time. It brought up a load of questions from the children which we talked about long after we left.

Again, again: Now we’ve done one room, we all want to go back and do another. You have an hour to work out how to get out of the room, and you can set the difficulty to easy, medium, hard or extra hard (for massive brain boxes!). Now we understand the system, we’d be better next time.

When to do it: There aren’t many rainy day activities in Tauranga, and this one’s an absolute cracker. But I can imagine it also being a welcome change if we’ve had too much sun over summer, too. Especially as they have air con in all the rooms.


The Escape Masters crew make short work of escaping.

What if I’m no good at it?: Well, you are in luck. A very kind lady came in and pointed us in the right direction when we were flummoxed. You get three clues you can use during the game and there’s a HELP button if you get extra stuck!

Where do we go?: 27 Spring Street: on Red Square, up the stairs.

Opening hours: Tues to Thurs, Sun: First game starts at 10am. Last game starts at 8.30pm
Fri and Sat:First game starts at 10am. Last game starts at 10pm
Mon: Open school and public holidays ONLY. Closed other times unless by appointment.


Success! We did it. But we were a long way off breaking any records.

How much is it?:

6 Players: NZ$25/person
5 Players: NZ$27/person
4 Players: NZ$29/person
3 Players: NZ$31/person
2 Players: NZ$33/person

There’s a $5 discount for children(U16), students and Gold Card holders with a valid ID presented before the game.

Do it now!: There’s a promo going for the month of November: roll a pair of dice and get a double 6 to win a drink or a puzzle game. Every player gets a chance to roll the dice.