Porcelain Skin Papamoa owner Ali Sanford (left) and Breathe Salon & Spa owner Jill Briscoe (right).

Unlike some skincare, Osmosis targets the source of skin conditions both internal and external. Ali Sanford and Jill Briscoe are two of the holistic brand’s biggest fans and believe true beauty really does come from within.

Ali Sanford and Jill Briscoe have seen a lot of skincare and makeup in their time, but they couldn’t be stronger advocates of one range in particular – Osmosis. Free of toxic chemicals, artificial colours and fragrances, the doctor-developed clean-beauty brand’s skincare, wellness and colour prescriptions work to deliver real results by tapping into the latest technological advances to optimise your body’s own healing processes

UNO: So, Ali and Jill, give us your pro tips – what’s one of your favourite Osmosis skincare solutions that’s currently stocked at your salons?

CatalystAC-11 Level 3 DNA Repair Serum, $242; Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum, $287.

ALI: With our clients’ active, outdoor lifestyles, we want to do all we can to fade existing pigmentation and age spots while preventing further damage. Catalyst AC-11 is our secret-weapon serum when it comes to tackling this. It activates the repair of our own DNA and is truly one of our heroes.

JILL: Mine would have to be Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum, which helps to shrink your pores, work on any redness and calm inflammation. It’s an absolute must-have for anyone suffering from rosacea, and we love using it to spot-treat and heal acne, too.

Elevate Metabolism & DNA Repair, $158; Environmental Detox, $99.

UNO: Osmosis also offers wellness solutions designed to enhance our beauty from the inside out – what are your picks from this range?

ALI: In my opinion, Elevate is one supplement that everyone needs to be taking – not just for skin health but also for overall wellness. We love it because it gives your adrenal glands a rest, and encourages increased cellular energy, accelerated hormone production, and improved focus and athletic performance. It’s even proven to assist with healthy weight loss.

JILL: Environmental Detox is another essential and recently became even better when Dr Ben Johnson, who developed Osmosis Skincare, introduced naturally detoxing charcoal to the formula. I highly recommend it as a daily supplement for people who suffer from hormonal-, diet- or stress-induced acne and oily skin; women with a history of fibrocystic breast disease, breast, uterine, or ovarian cancer; swimmers regularly exposed to chlorine; and those who consume a lot of processed foods.

The Osmosis skin map helps to identify the source of skin conditions. Performance Wear Satin Foundation, $95. Pressed Base, $93.

UNO: We all know natural makeup is the way to go, but it can be tricky to find a good foundation – what are some of the best bases in this range?

ALI: Not all mineral powders are created equal – many contain harmful toxins and ingredients that coat the mineral, giving you that white, dusty-looking ‘flashback’ in photos. Osmosis’s Pressed Base is fantastic because it’s triple-milled, so you don’t see it sitting on your skin emphasising any lines. It’s easy to apply and gives smooth, even coverage and a semi-matte finish with SPF30.

JILL: We’re obsessed with Osmosis’s latest liquid foundation, Performance Wear Satin, which is even more amazing when you apply it with the brand’s new beauty sponge. It provides buildable, long-lasting coverage and is perfect for women who love a fresh, dewy finish, as opposed to a matte look. It’s also great for weddings and special occasions, as
it helps to smooth and plump the skin, making you look flawless.