Progressive practice TBK Dental welcomes a new dentist who brings with him a world of experience and advice to sink your teeth into.


TBK Dental started out as a deal between university friends. In 1999, Stewart Taylor and Roger Burley, two Tauranga-based dentists, decided to take their decade-plus of surgical experience and open their own practice in the city. Nearly 20 years later, the Otago University alumni and their partner, Steven Kleiman, have built a strong reputation as one of the top family dental practices in the Bay of Plenty.

FROM LEFT: Stewart Taylor, Roger Burley, Steven Kleiman and Kane Zhao.

The TBK team has a wealth of experience in treating tooth decay and gum disease, and the cosmetic work needed to fix a smile, such as teeth whitening, crowns and dental implants. But their years of know-how are just one factor in their success. New Zealand’s world-class dentistry standards require even experienced surgeons to continue learning, and Stewart says the latest technology has also helped the practice stay ahead of the curve. “The requirements have changed phenomenally. We’re no longer just treating diseases – we’re also meeting patients’ cosmetic needs. We keep up to date so that our standards are consistently high. For example, we now track and trace the instruments that are used on each patient, so we can verify they’ve been correctly sterilised in the autoclave.”

TBK is committed to sharing information with its patients, too, and has invested heavily in cutting-edge technology to help people understand more about their treatment. Digital X-rays provide instant images, tiny cameras allow high-resolution photos of the mouth to be displayed on digital screens, and patients are shown before and after photos. Meanwhile, 3D scans help create perfect crowns in just one hour. The smaller details also put patients at ease: the waiting area feels more like a living room than a surgical setting. In some rooms, there’s even art on the ceiling to enjoy during your appointment.

This fresh approach is embodied by Kane Zhao, the latest dentist to join the TBK team. Beijing-born Kane has enjoyed a remarkable journey from China to Abu Dhabi, training as a dentist at Otago University, volunteering in remote Papua New Guinea, and eventually landing in the Bay of Plenty after marrying a local.

Kane, who recently became a New Zealand citizen, wants to help change our community’s approach to dental care and is keen to get entire families looking after their teeth. Part of this involves working on cost-effective treatment plans. “Traditionally, Kiwi patients have been passive consumers of dental healthcare. I want patients to be engaged in the process and making their own fully informed healthcare decisions. “We’re here to help and provide suggestions on how you can improve your dental health.”

Visit TBK Dental today for expert advice at: 8 Willow St, Tauranga. TBKDENTAL.CO.NZ