We talk to Mount Skin & Body owner Kelly Kingston on her clinic’s new look.

UNO: Mount Skin & Body has been at the heart of the beauty scene at the Mount for many years, but we love your salon refit – what did it entail?

KELLY: We’ve been here for 15 years now but have recently renovated the space to better reflect what we spend our time doing. It was a long process – two years of talking to clients, staff and industry professionals about where we’re headed – but I wanted Mount Skin & Body to be a community hub as well as a place you can sneak into to take some time for yourself, a place that appeals to all your senses and encourages you to take time out of your busy life.

I worked with talented people on the renovation, including Rachael Hackett-Jones of Rubix Design Collective, whose vision completely aligned with my ethos; she came up with elegant, sustainable ideas and really understood what would make our clients feel comfortable. My trust in her expertise meant I was able leave her to it and focus my attention on reinventing how we serve our clients.

Our beautiful new space includes an interactive skin bar and a secluded spot in which to relax before and after treatments, plus we’ve made it easy for people to pop

in to shop for skincare, make-up and gifts. We’ve also set aside a dedicated space to give our therapists more room to plan, write notes and relax between clients. The more organised and rested they are, the more our clients benefit.

UNO: In what other ways has your salon evolved to meet your clients’ needs?

KELLY: Personal and professional growth has always been very important to me. I believe our ongoing training helps improve both my team and our clients’ wellbeing. We’ve attended skin symposiums in France, the US, Australia and Queenstown to keep up with the best trends and treatments around the world, and we’ve also continually invested in technology to ensure we can offer the very best in beauty.

UNO: Do you have any new treatments on the menu to match your new look?

KELLY: We do! Collagen induction therapy has been our favourite for a while now, IPL and LED light therapy are relatively new additions, and more recently we launched dermaplaning and hydrabrasion, which is microdermabrasion with a water component – think your cleanest, smoothest skin yet. We’re also slowly reintroducing some of our popular spa treatments.

UNO: What else do you think makes Mount Skin & Body so special?

KELLY: Skin and personalised service are our true loves. We pride ourselves on delivering luxurious therapies that leave our clients feeling and looking radiant. The skin tells a story, so we take a holistic approach to any concerns, looking at all area of our clients’ lives and working together to discover the root cause. We also take care to use environmentally friendly and sustainable resources whenever we can.

As for personalised service – it requires a lot of energy and enthusiasm, so as a team we like to support each other and keep each other’s tanks full, which in turn ensures that our clients are well looked after. It’s really important to me that everyone on our team loves their job. I believe when people are happy in their work, it filters through to their family, and hopefully the community, too.