In the depths of winter, it can be hard to recall those long summer days – the sun-warmed sand, sleeveless tops, bare legs, bikinis… Or does that image stop you right there, and send you into a spiral of worry about extra winter kilos and that promise you made to yourself to get in shape before next summer? If that’s your goal, it’s time to act now, because summer bodies are made in winter.

Vinci Clinic, UNO Magazine

There are a number of reasons why the cooler months are an ideal time to schedule body procedures. Abdominoplasty (aka tummy tucks), breast surgery, buttock augmentation (Brazilian butt lifts) and liposuction generally require compression garments to be worn ensure optimal results. Intended to make recovery easier and promote healing, they hold dressings in place, minimise movement of the affected tissue, and improve circulation to reduce fluid retention, bruising and swelling. Although they’re modern, made from the most comfortable fabrics possible and carefully fitted, these garments are quite snug and warm – and a much more attractive prospect in winter.

Da Vinci’s plastic surgeons Brandon Adams and Adam Bialostocki often accompany their body procedures with liposuction and/or fat grafting. It’s a technique commonly used during breast reconstruction and augmentation, buttock augmentation, face lifts and for lips. The fat used is your own and can be taken from pretty much anywhere there’s an excess; the most popular spots are the back, tummy, waist and inner thighs. Of course, such procedures can sometimes result in bruising, so having the option to cover up in the cooler months is ideal.

Taking the time now to think carefully about what your goals are for your body will pay off. Picture not having to worry when the weather begins to warm – about clothes that reveal more skin or activities you’ve avoided due to discomfort or dissatisfaction with your appearance. If diet and exercise have failed to shift areas of stubborn fat, or if your skin is loose due to pregnancy or losing weight, there are a range of surgical procedures available to you right here, right now. Don’t wonder what might have been – take action and achieve the body you deserve.

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