Collab Digital’s Brent Ireland explains why video is so important for businesses.

Brent Ireland

UNO: Everyone’s talking about video. Why is it so important?

BRENT: Because it’s based on our own behaviour. We’re always hearing or saying, “I saw this video the other day.” The telcos are all giving us bigger data allowances because we need it to watch the video we all love so much. The stats are in and they’re all for video. It’s more expressive, emotive and engaging – the three things that drive sales. That’s why it’s a must for any brand. We’re not talking about 30-minute films or wedding videos here – we’re talking about short, sharp, concise videos that convey a predetermined message in a way that’s fit-for-purpose, polished and on-brand.

UNO: So, what have you done about it?

BRENT: We initially set up the Collab Digital social media training events because we could see there was a real need to show people how to use social media to grow their businesses. We were telling everyone that video was important, and the feedback was all the same: video is expensive and unattainable, and it’s a time-consuming, clunky process to get right.

We’ve always been content creators and storytellers, and we’ve produced lots of cool videos in New Zealand and Australia. We want small businesses to benefit from videos like all the big, flashy businesses with bigger, flashier creative agencies already do. Collab Digital already has all the best equipment and skills, and even better – with our social media knowledge, we know exactly what kind of video your market is watching. It was a short step to disrupt the video market. We’re using technology and experience to work smarter.

UNO: What’s the optimum length for videos?

BRENT: It all depends on what the objective of a video is and who it’s intended for. If it’s to feature a particular product or offering, as short as six seconds; if it’s to capture the look and feel of something a bit more general, anywhere from 15-30 seconds; if it’s to tell a longer story or convey a more complex message, then much longer.

We understand audiences and we know how they engage with video – when they watch, how long for, and when they stop. With that data, we can be more strategic with how we create video. Technology has changed. It’s not unreasonable for the average business to have quality video content they can share with their audience online. So we offer a 30-second video plus some shorter three- to seven-second cuts for under $500.

UNO: Being on film can be daunting…

BRENT: Not every video needs you in it. If you own a restaurant, for example, we might shoot a steak on the grill, capturing the heat and the sizzle in a video that lasts five seconds. That would tell everyone exactly what they need to know about the quality of the products and the skill in your kitchen.

UNO: Don’t shoots take days and days?

BRENT: With the right planning, technology and equipment, along with some skilful editing, we can put out a quality product in a fraction of the time. Also, depending on what a video’s being used for, less can be more when it comes to production. If the intention is to be relatable to your audience, then spending hours crafting a very slick video may defeat the purpose when you need to be seen as real.

UNO: So how does it work? What’s Collab Digital’s process?

BRENT: You’ll answer lots of questions, so we can establish the objective of the video, who it’s intended for, and where it will be shown. We home in on the points of difference to be highlighted, then we develop a plan to capture every element needed to convey the message. All the planning and shooting will take around half a day, then we need another half a day for production, and that’s it!

UNO: What makes a great video?

BRENT: A solid understanding of the objective of the video and who the intended audience is. And planning. Once we’ve got that nailed, we can create magic.

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