Re-visit some of our favourite homes from the last 40 issues of UNO magazine

Architect: Brendon Gordon Location: Mt Maunganui Issue: 12, autumn 2011

^ Virtually every element of this beachfront home was custom made. The brief? A beach house with surprises. There are large entertaining spaces and private contemplative spaces in this very large family home.

Architect: Brendon Gordon Location: Havelock North Issue: 27, summer 2015

^ This dramatic home sits on the hillside below Te Mata Peak over looking the Hawke’s Bay. The disciplined grid design mimics the  parallel lines of the surrounding grapevines.

Architect: Steven Chambers Location: Welcome Bay, Tauranga Issue: 6, spring 2006

^ Perched on a slope in Welcome Bay, this industrial style home rises above the ground and cantilevers out on beams. It looks like it’s floating over the land.

Designers: Creative Space Architectural Design Location: Coromandel Issue: 32, autumn 2016

^ Extensive interviewing and planning ensured the  owners had a home which will never need to change.

Designer: Will Tatton Location: Mt Maunganui Issue: 35, summer 2016

^ Will Tatton says that his job is a blend of many things: art, psychology and business. “I delve back into dreams and ideas, unpack them, and bring them back to life in a home.”


Designer: Ambienti Architects Location: Ōhope Issue: 24, autumn 2014

^ This bach is nestled into 100-year-old pohutukawas on a hillside, looking out to the ocean at Ōhope. The brief was to recreate the feeling of the old bach which stood in its place: not in design or layout, but in its relationship with setting and the way the family used the home.

Architect: Steven Chambers Location: Tauranga Issue: 28, autumn 2015

^ This private oasis was conceived as a cluster of differing scaled pods that allow the landscape to ebb and flow around them.

Designers: Jorgen Frandsen and Nick Chibnall-West Location: The Lakes, Tauranga Issue: 14, spring 2011

^ Inspiration is taken from the Californian Sea Ranch, and a desire for the dwelling to resemble a series of sheds, with columns like tent poles extending at either end.

Designer: Paul Jones Location: Tauriko, Tauranga Issue: 10, spring 2007

^ The main living areas in this Tauriko home boast a four-metre stud height, expansive polished concrete floors and customised stainless steel fittings.

Designer: Jorgen Frandsen Location: Otumoetai, Tauranga Issue: 11, summer 2011

^ The owners needed a home they could work and live in, and one that reflected both the ocean and the industrial nature of the nearby Port of Tauranga.