Tauranga’s Skin Centre is a world-class dermatology institute, with a people-centric focus. The expertly qualified team never lose sight of what’s important: the patients they care for, every day.

(L-R) Leisa McGill, Dr Paul Salmon, Clare Rodwell, Georgie Herbison

Dr Salmon founded the Skin Centre in 2007 from humble beginnings in Paterson Street, Mount Maunganui. Since then, the practice has reached out to Rotorua, Taranaki, the Waikato, Hawke’s Bay and, more recently, Auckland and Nelson.

There aren’t many practices that can claim to be good enough to attract the recognition of the rest of the world, but the Skin Centre has achieved that. It is recognised as an approved training centre in Mohs surgery by the American College of Mohs Surgery, and Skin Centre doctors have, between them, had over 200 papers published in peer reviewed literature. Paul will once again be chairing a symposium on skin cancer at the world congress in Milan in June 2019. Dr Sandra Winhoven and Dr Neil Mortimer have both presented at international meetings on many occasions.

The aim of Skin Centre’s team is to give you the most positive healthcare experience possible. Dr James Spreadborough says, “It is a privilege to be able to save a life, and there almost is not a day that goes by here, that we don’t do that, by picking up early melanoma.”

Ask any of the Skin Centre team what the best part of their day is, and you’ll hear them talk about making patients happy and making a difference in their lives. “A big part of this, is learning from patients and responding to their feedback,” Megan Pakes, practice manager, says. “We always encourage our clients to give us feedback, so we can make changes for the better.”

Megan reflects on 20 years at the practice: “Every staff member is so focused on delivering excellence for each and every patient. That is what we come to work for.”

Appearance Medicine at Skin Centre

Clare Rodwell, Leisa McGill and Georgie Herbison can claim over 35 years of Skin Centre experience between them.

Clare and Leisa are responsible for Botox, fillers and V2 treatments. Georgie concentrates on laser treatments, Fraxel, Iriderm and IPL. All three women offer exciting new additions such as the vampire peel and PRP for hair loss. “By using the special platelet rich plasma in conjunction with fraxel laser, we can stimulate new, youthful glowing skin to replace the old sun-damaged look,” explains Leisa.

The V2 treatment offers an ability to hydrate and plump the skin of the whole face and neck, giving a wonderful luminosity and reducing wrinkles.

Most of the work involves the face, but not solely. The neck, décolletage, hands, and even armpits get attention. Georgie tells how Botox is used as a treatment for hyperhidrosis — excessive sweating under the arms. “This treatment can be life changing for people,” and many do not know this treatment is available she says.

Ageing in the face is inevitable. The good news is you can delay, and even reverse, the effects quite easily, and without the need for surgery. Appearance medicine is no longer the realm of Hollywood’s rich and famous, and is often more affordable than people imagine, and is a simple part of many women’s beauty regime. Botox is a quick and easy procedure with beautiful,  natural and subtle results.


Georgie, Clare and Leisa also assist during cosmetic surgical procedures so are well placed to offer advice on all treatments at Skin Centre.

Like most other appearance medicine clinics, Skin Centre has a payment and financial plan to suit your budget.

The unanimous verdict is that working in appearance medicine is incredibly rewarding. People leave feeling happier and more confident, Clare says, and
that’s a fantastic part of the job.

THE SKINCENTRE TEAM (L-R) Dr Paul Salmon, Dr Sandra Winhoven, Dr Neil Mortimer, Dr Susan Simpkin, Dr James Spreadborough, Dr Nicola Abbott, Leisa McGill, Clare Rodwell, Georgie Herbison.

171 Cameron Road, Tauranga