It’s the fitness movement which has consumed Australia and the States, and now it’s spreading here. Fast. Emma, Mat and I nervously signed up. None of us are gym bunnies, but owner of The Mount F45 studio, Erica, along with her team, has won us over. We are F45 converts.
F45 The Mount ambassador, Anna Reeve


The ‘F’ stands for functional and ‘45’ means 45 minutes of high-intensity circuit-training.
Here’s why you should be doing it.

It’s easy
You don’t need to think. Someone way more qualified than you has done it already. A personal trainer runs through each exercise, and a timer bleeps to tell you when to move and when to rest. Instructions on-screen direct you through the stations in the studio. The trainers keep you motivated throughout.

It’s hard
We’re talking 45 minut
es of sweaty, intense, knee-wobbling work. The exercises are designed to work EVERY muscle group in your body. You’ll be blinking a fair bit of sweat out of your eyes. Good luck trying to raise your arm to receive a congratulatory high five at the end of the class.

It’s fun
You do each exercise for about 40 seconds then rest for about 20 seconds. The exact timings change daily and keeps things fresh. No class is ever the same. You are constantly on the move and always doing something a bit different. So your brain loves it. We especially love Saturdays, when a DJ plays live in the studio.

It’s helpful
F45 is a cross between having a personal trainer and going to the gym. There are instructors walking around checking your form, and they are particularly good at adjusting exercises for injuries and niggles. Erica, Hannah, Jarod and Megan are brilliant motivators — no one slows down. under their watch!

It’s friendly
Erica welcomes us and we usually have a quick chat as we come in. The classes are a real mix of age, gender and ability. There are people like us, who don’t know what the interior of a gym looks like, and there are some super-fitties, too. The class is ideal for a whole range of fitness levels.

It’s accessible
The Mount studio is downtown, on Tawa Street. There’s masses of parking, so you can roll straight out of the car into the warm up!

It’s good value
You pay a weekly fee and go to as many classes as you like. There’s a free app to book classes, and you have access to the qualified instructors to get help and advice on your fitness programme.