A new, simple treatment at Da Vinci Clinic gets rid of double chins.

Yes, double chins are cute on babies, but not so much on adults! So why do we get double chins then? When a layer of fat around your neck sags, it causes a fold that gives the illusion of having two chins. Being overweight can be one cause of double chins, but you don’t have to be overweight to be prone to them. You may be genetically predisposed, meaning you have a family history of skin with less elasticity. Or, you may have a small jaw and the fat appears to hang below your chin. Double chins can also happen as a natural result of ageing, but it’s not just older people who suffer — people in their twenties can have them, too.

People do feel self-conscious about their double chins and go to great lengths to disguise them. Facial hair in men is one option, but if that’s not for you, it’s quite likely you’ll experience difficulty when shaving around those chins. Both men and women resort to year-round high-necked shirts and collars, and hairstyles which attempt to curve around their face and jaw. For some, skin conditions can be an added discomfort, caused by irritation between the skin folds. Trying to disguise your double chin can even affect your posture as you try to rearrange the way you hold your head in order to stretch out the chin area. Sadly, some people suffer self-esteem issues from the presence of their double chin.

There are many inconveniences and we fully understand them, which makes it all the more exciting for us to introduce the amazing new, non-surgical procedure using Belkyra®, by Allergan. Belkyra® has had a huge uptake in the United States and Australia; men and women are loving the results of this appearance medicine treatment and now you can too, right here at the Da Vinci Clinic. The simplicity of the treatment is one bonus, but the fact that you can actually say goodbye to your chin’s twin forever, is liberating.

Belkyra® really is a simple answer to a problem many have endured with no apparent solution. Patients often don’t realise the lengths they have gone to trying to disguise, and even excuse, the presence of their double chin. Once they see their newly revealed profile and facial definition, we love to see their smiles.

If you’ve had enough of living life with a double chin, pick up the phone and make your appointment with our specialist nurses now. We know you won’t regret it.

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