Guest columnist, Cindy Powers Prosor, explains how to get more of what you want.

Cindy Powers ProsorI love how this issue is all about celebration! Many of us don’t understand the incredible power of celebration. How often do you take time to celebrate what’s going well in your life? Did you know when you do, it creates more things in your life to celebrate?

It can be the simplest thing, like how you didn’t lose your temper with your child or react to someone when things were in conflict. Or maybe you went to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual. Whatever it is, big or small, find something to celebrate and be grateful for whenever you can.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to catch yourself in the act of feeling good.

#1. Recognise when you are feeling joyful and light. What are you doing, thinking or feeling that is pulling you in this positive direction? Notice.

#2. Acknowledge the impact this choice is having on your life. Pause and acknowledge the gratitude and lightness you feel in your body.  Acknowledge the good in your life.

#3. Celebrate it. What you give attention to expands. Celebration
is powerful!

#4. Expand. As you expand your energy with celebration, you radiate that feeling of joy out into the world. As you connect to the world from this fullness in your heart, other expansive people and opportunities find you. This is the
law of attraction.

You can celebrate in any moment. Try it now. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and take a few deep breaths. Think of something you’ve done lately that you are happy about, grateful for,
or proud of.

Feel the full and uplifting feelings of gratitude in your heart and allow it to expand in your body and out into the world. It only takes a few seconds.

This is the Gratitude Breath, and it’s
the perfect way to begin or end each day.

Remember, when you celebrate and feel grateful, you create and attract more things in your life to celebrate and feel grateful for.

So share a success, plan a party and toast to all things going well in your life today.