Salveo Therapy has joined the Proactive family. Roger Athy-Knibbs tells us all about the exciting move, and what it means for his clients.


Proactive identify and deliver the best pathway to complete, transformative rehabilitation by considering the Four Corners of Health™: function, mindset, nutrition and sleep. Regardless of whether you are recovering from injury or illness, working to improve your wellbeing, or looking to optimise performance, the four corners are always the most crucial factors to consider.

The purpose at Proactive is to improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders in need, and provide opportunities to improve quality of life to the maximum extent possible.

Function Proactive looks at the physical injury, what has caused it, and how to get that person back to full health, doing things like improving joint motion or muscular strength.

Nutrition Good nutrition is integral to recovery. Dietary recommendations are offered to assist rehabilitation and aid wellbeing.

Sleep The importance of sleep to aid the recovery process is widely acknowledged. So it’s important to look at the effect an injury might be having on sleep. Advice and tools can help sleep, and therefore aid the recovery process.

Mindset A positive mindset and attitude help to achieve the best outcome. Proactive can give insight into the ways in which mindset can influence recovery, and what you can do to influence that mindset.

Recovery is about so much more than physiotherapy. The team of occupational therapists can aid independence at home; clinical psychology helps to manage emotional issues associated with pain and injury, and a range of other medical specialists are instrumental to aa holistic approach to recovery.

How did you come to live in Tauranga?

Roger: I moved to Tauranga from the United Kingdom 11 years ago and knew straight away this was the place I would spend the rest of my life. Over those years I have developed some remarkable friendships and relationships with locals, sports teams, corporate organisations and schools. I am very proud of the service my team have provided as Salveo Physiotherapy in our amazing city, and it’s exciting to think how much more we can offer our clients now we have joined with Proactive.

What made you choose to blend Salveo with Proactive?

Roger: I have known about Proactive and their philosophy towards healthcare for several years. I admire and trust them, so it was an easy decision to bring Salveo under the Proactive umbrella. Owned by Brendon Tod and Rebekah Whittfield, Proactive have an innovative and visionary approach to healthcare. Lots of clinics have the idea to provide a holistic approach to physiotherapy, but Proactive have formalised this excellent ethos, which means we can offer a wider range of services to help our clients along
the full journey to recovery.

Where are you based?

Roger: We have a brand new clinic at 306 Cameron Road, equipped with a rehabilitation gym, four treatment rooms, a reception area and staff room. It is bright and colourful and is an excellent space for the therapists to do the best work possible. We have space to park behind our building, too, which makes it very convenient for clients.

How will it affect your current clients?

Roger: That’s what I’m most excited about. All my clients will still see the dedicated team they know so well, but have access to so many more services. And Proactive has a North Island-wide network of clinical experts, so we have access to second opinions in complex cases, helping us to provide the most exceptional care.

For more info:

T.07 281 0119
306 Cameron Road, Tauranga