What really happens behind those bright lights? Skin Centre Trust Ball auction winner and budding broadcaster, Madison McGregor, finds out when she goes behind the scenes.

Madison McGregor sat in front of the cameras for the first time on the AM Show at MediaWorks’ studios. But it probably won’t be the last. The 16-year-old Bethlehem College student has Duncan Garner’s seat in her sights.

“I REALLY WANT TO GET INTO BROADCASTING. Dad called me from the Skin Centre Trust Ball in May, and told me he’d won an auction for the chance to go behind the scenes and watch the AM Show being broadcast live. And to have our day reported in UNO. I feel like the journey has really started.”

FATHER, ROB, SAYS, “Madison and I went and stayed in a hotel the night before, because it was a really early start. In fact, we were too early, so we sat in the car park for a while, watching all these famous media personalities wandering around, drinking coffee and chatting. It was surreal.”

TV AND RADIO STUDIOS ARE BUSY PLACES, so the friendly AM Show crew tucked the father and daughter into seats at the back on the control room so they could get a good view of the lming. Rob says, “Before the show started, we were in the green room. The guests thought we were also guests on the show! Then we went through to the production room. On TV, the set looks so glamorous and cosy, but in real life it’s just a few desks in a warehouse. Everyone in the studio had a job to do, and it was all happening at once, with no let up.”

MADISON HAD BEEN A BIT NERVOUS BEFORE THE DAY. What if her idols weren’t quite so nice in real life? “The crew couldn’t have made us feel more special. Every person on-set knew we were coming, and their characters were the same as on screen, with lots of smiling and laughing, on and off camera. We also saw the Newshub 6pm studio, where the news is read out, and the RadioLIVE studios.


“I TOLD THE PRESENTERS OF MY PLANS TO BECOME A BROADCASTER, and Duncan Garner said he had done the same course at university that I was planning to do. He insisted I had a go at speaking into the camera.” Take note of Madison’s face. You will probably be seeing her again in a few years!

Madison takes Duncan’s seat
Getting the tour

Co-hosts Mark Richardson and Amanda Gillies
Broadcasting live from the Newshub studios
Madison and Rob watch from the back of the control room