Columnist Yolande King from EVES Real Estate continues her series of advice for homeowners.

Over the last eleven years, we have helped hundreds of people sell their homes. It’s great to be able to share with you what we’ve learnt along the way. Last issue, I explained why you need an agent and how to select the best person for the job. Now that you have your superstar agent in place, it’s time to get your house ready. Experience has shown us that what you do now can make the difference between no sale, an ok price and a dream price.

THE AGREEMENT Your sale and purchase agreement needs to be drawn up immediately, so that it’s available to prospective buyers from the get-go. Your solicitor will ensure any relevant disclosures and additional clauses are all included. The agreement is there to protect you, and to let the buyer know what they are agreeing to.

ALL ON PAPER Although you don’t have to provide the reports listed below, giving extra information to the buyer reduces their costs, concerns and makes your property more attractive than the competition. And most importantly, it helps to increase the number of buyers interested in your property.

1. Order the Property File and Land Information Memorandum (LIM) from the council. The first contains information about building consents, and any correspondence with the council ($46). The LIM has information on public storm water and sewerage drains, rates information and so on ($248 to $373 depending on how long you want to wait).

2. Do a methamphetamine test. This is a common concern. Reputable tests are
readily available.

3. Get a builder’s report. Buyers are more likely to be put off making buying decisions by surprises. It makes sense to keep them aware of any potential issues up front. A positive building report is wonderful, but a report with required repairs or issues identified just tells buyers you have nothing to hide, and provides you with the opportunity to address everything at the start.

SET THE STAGE Over the years, we’ve compiled a detailed checklist so you can prepare both inside and outside your home. What to remove, fix, refresh or store, how to make that initial impact, how to keep your property secure during buyer visits, and more. It’s important to create a neutral palette, so your buyer can imagine themselves living in your home. If styling is not your thing, we can recommend a home stager.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS There are two important appointments that are booked at the beginning of marketing your property. One is the ‘caravan’, when, in our case, our EVES and Bayleys agents walk through each new property on the market.

The second is your photographer. First impressions really count. The next call one of those agents makes could be to your buyer. And the images will be the first thing all potential buyers will see. So, book them close together, check you’ve done everything on our list of instructions, fill your house with beautiful flowers, take a deep breath, and – knowing you’ve chosen an exceptional marketing team – relax!

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