The General is one of the finalists in the UNO. Magazine Outstanding Café category of the annual Bay Hospitality Awards. Dangerously close to our office, it’s an irresistible breakfast spot.

The name: Cilbir (or Turkish Eggs)

The price: $17.50

The Secret: Some of the spices used in this dish are not even found in New Zealand! The house-made and pressed yoghurt gives Cilbir just the right texture.

The Story: The General‘s founder Malika Ganley: “I first tried something similar in a tiny place in Istanbul. It was a wonderful taste experience – one of a few small dishes, and the kind of taste explosion you can only get in places with a deep history of cuisine. I then tried something similar in Montenegro and wanted to try and recreate the dish.”

Creating the menu for The General, Malika felt the dish needed something more to cut through the combination of the wonderful richness and spice, and wondered whether zucchini fries might do the trick. And there it was! All those flavours again together, it was magical. The zucchini fries now also have a bit of a cult following just like the Turkish eggs.