I am in show-booking mode. All the ticketing websites have my details saved, as that’s my thing at the moment.

This weekend we went to see Cudo on Saturday night at the Tauranga Arts Festival. It was an interesting hour, and I am glad we went. Not least to get my children in the habit of going to the theatre. On the way out, Emily Marks, the director of the Little Yoga Festival, told me she was going home to write a review on it. I have no idea how you write a review of something so abstract. But she did a great job.

Photo: Brydie Thompson

On a roll, I have booked us in to see Nanogirl in December at Baycourt. We went last year with my children and they all fell a bit in love with Dr Michelle Dickinson who sped around the stage with her assistant (Boris) in a trolley, setting fire to stuff. Massive thumbs up all-round.

Having loved his surprise date to see the 7 Days political special in Wellington last month, Mat has booked tickets to see the gang on their Tauranga leg of the tour at the ASB Arena on 14th December. We have a whole group going, what a cool thing to do before Christmas! Getting out and LAUGHING.