The Editor’s Diary: Where HAVE You Been? 9 – 15 October

Ohhhhh Noosa! At the tail end of winter, is there anything more delicious than stepping into the soupy warmth of a tropical breeze? I think not.

An idiot abroad

Actually, I had the opportunity to go to Noosa about 13 years ago when I was travelling in Australia. But I didn’t go, because I thought it was another Aussie’s-like-to-shorten-every-name situation. As in, Noosa was short for New South Wales. When a fellow backpacker asked if I wanted to go and hang out in Noosa, I thought it all sounded a bit vague, hanging out in a massive state, so I said no. It turns out that it was, in fact, a town, and that I’d missed out on something quite beautiful. Embarrassing.

We got back late Friday night and it felt like spring turned itself down a notch and summer climbed up the dial over the weekend. Smokey steak smells were wafting all over the place and bare feet were everywhere. Ohhh yusss!!!!!

The shoe on the other foot

I also had a conversation with Greg Anderson at a children’s party on Sunday. Greg and his wife, Beks, own Chaos & Harmony shoes. He told me that Chaos & Harmony donate a portion of the sale price of every pair of shoes they sell online to, an organisation fighting human trafficking. I am constantly impressed and heartened by the attitude of New Zealanders. As a Brit, I often stand back and admire the many qualities of the countrymen and women I now live with. Greg and Beks have summed up, on their website, the attitude so many of you kind Kiwis share: “We are passionate about looking outside of our own world and connecting with people that can’t speak for themselves.”

So if you want to help, buy shoes.