UNO. stylist, Kath McDonald, refreshes your spring look at Hunter Furniture, Owens Place, opposite Bayfair.


Kath says: Hunter Furniture has a vast range of dining and living room furniture in store. And the zesty, yellow-green tones that are big news this spring were everywhere among their accessories. I love their Mulberi range of cushions, throws and rugs. I wanted to pack the rugs in my bag! And the wool blend Valetta rugs in bark and pumice were beautiful. Layered, they offset the rich furniture colour, and add interest, texture and amazing comfort.

Want to see how Kath styled this shoot? Watch our time lapse video:

Wall art: White-framed prints, like Into The Easterly by Rob Dickinson, are easy to rotate around your home, and give energy and warmth to a space.

Built to last: With ebonised oak and sculptural cast iron legs, the NEXA range works well as a collection, or add an individual piece for a more sculptural style.

See Hunter Furniture’s new store at Owens place. Spring look in store now: 12 Owens Place, Opposite Bayfair, Mt Maunganui

Monday – Sunday