The Editor’s Diary: Where HAVE You Been? 25 September – 1 October

With our spring issue flying through Kale’s printers and being bound and sent out, we all took off to be recharged. Mat and I went up to Auckland to cuddle nieces and nephews and absorb some beauty in the city.

Auckland Art Gallery

First stop was Auckland Art Gallery. Walking into their atrium and looking up, Judy Darragh’s multi coloured, silvery structures hung down from a ceiling criss-crossed with curved wooden slats. In a band round the top of the walls, windows showed leafy tree tops bustling in the wind. To be honest, that room was so beautiful I could have spent the whole time in there.

Green and Blue

I am a bit obsessed with walking up Papamoa Hills at the moment. Mat will come up at a push, but he’s not as enthusiastic as I am about it. But when you can see for miles up and down the coast, it’s so worth it!

School hols

We are incredibly fortunate to live somewhere bursting at the seams with cool things to do, and this week we took full advantage of our proximity to Rotorua and went to the Rotorua Canopy Tours. You definitely need to go and do this. Read about it here. Book a slot with your children this hols. You won’t regret it.